They would do it all over again

I say whatever they tell me to say

Do you remember the corruption, the cover-ups, the doublespeak, the murder of a journalist, the fear and loathing and how most of Labour ministers said and did exactly what Joseph Muscat told them to say and do despite being aware that what was asked of them was wrong?

This is one stellar example of a useful tool who says and does whatever his masters tell him to do even if it is crooked and totally stupid. Owen Bonnici has no principles and no sense of reason. Just another idiot and opportunist pushing through politics to grease and enrich himself.

Alan Xuereb explained it perfectly well recently. These idiots don’t believe in the class struggle, but rather believe in an extreme form of social climbing for themselves brought at any cost. 

And here is Owen Bonnici defending Robert Abela’s criticism of the police for searching the school-bags of Joseph Muscat’s children.

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