The wilful destruction of our home

Yesterday, Prime Minister Robert Abela gave a fully-orchestrated and theatrical interview on the public broadcaster. The interview was an ingratiating and accommodating exercise in propaganda funded by public funds. In the interview, Abela lies brazenly on several matters such as that unemployment was high in Malta after the 2008 financial crisis – it wasn’t. Unemployment kept cratering ever since 2009 and today, Abela’s economic management appears to be successful only because the government has put thousands of people on its payroll doing unproductive jobs, squeezing the private industry in the process.

Abela’s most offensive lie was his doublespeak about giving back Dock 1 and Żo

Public theatre of a tin-pot dictator funded by our taxes

nqor point to the general public after supposedly cancelling the projects of the pseudo university brought to Malta by Joseph Muscat. He then continues to say that he is going ahead to build a yacht marina in Marsascala. Deputy Prime Minister Chris Fearne has pronounced himself against the yacht marina in Marsascala.

Abela thinks he can deceive the people by giving them something which has always been theirs. In reality, Robert isn’t giving anything. And there is also the fact that these new AUM projects had been halted as soon as Labour grassroots in the Cottonera area were against the project and Muscat had in fact been looking for an exit of the projects definitely as of 2019. In 2019 local Labour committees in the Cottonera area were pressuring the government against the AUM project and Muscat did not want to clash with the grass-roots (I was secretary to a local committee). This government has adopted a textbook Orwellian doublespeak for its standard discourse.

Abela is not only taking away Marsascala’s coast for a yacht marina, a project which has been fiercely opposed by residents.  Abela is also turning farmland into an airstrip for model airplanes and an industrial estate into a racing track. Did you watch the movie Idiocracy? This is what the future looks like for other countries when the idiots take charge, so Malta can be used as an early warning. In two years alone, Robert Abela has successfully destroyed a large part of our country and he is trying to green-wash his plunder by saying that he gave us a gree area which was always ours in the first place.

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