Robert Abela’s total contempt for free speech

Times of Malta journalist Jacob Borg

Gone are Robert Abela’s virtuous declarations on the free press and the Daphne Caruana Galizia public inquiry. Today, Prime Minister Robert Abela has sent a threat to the press and condemned it in harsh terms. His disgruntlement is shown as he walks flustered away from the Times of Malta journalist after a flurry of journalists analysed and published some of his history of property deals.

Abela said in clear terms that he won’t reply to questions from Times of Malta and that it is in a conspiracy against him with PN’s chief strategist Chris Peregin.  His bullish rebuke also comes after the chief editor of the General Workers’ Union press was fired for not being too accommodating to Robert Abela.

Robert Abela also wants to re-introduce criminal libel with a prison sentence of two years and a fine of up to €30,000. And while he clamped down on the public broadcaster and cultural entities like I used to run, Abela wants to impress the public by forming a committee that will supposedly give him recommendations on how to strengthen the free press. He thinks we are as dumb as he is and that is why he thinks he can feed us his bullshit while he imposes his autocratic will at every opportunity.

I have an opposing perspective to Robert Abela. I don’t think the free press is in a conspiracy against him. I think that Robert Abela is in a conspiracy against the country for his own personal interests and all the press is doing is exposing facts some of which are being deliberately hidden from us by Robert Abela himself.



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