Even propagandists are not safe

Victor Vella

Victor Vella has been expelled as editor of the General Workers’ Union newspapers for not being propagandist enough. The Union expelled him without pay pending a review from the board. The GWU leads the way in exploiting workers based on their political beliefs and does this excellently so by using its media as a propaganda tool for the government instead as a voice for its members and workers in generals.

I have no sympathies for Victor Vella and I will explain why, but the Union officials who took this decision are the kind of people who are ruining the country at the behest of Robert Abela and his family. By expelling Victor Vella in this way, the Union officials have sent a clear message that anyone who doesn’t blindly and strictly follow Robert Abela’s message will have their livelihood threatened. Our government is evolving into a populist fascist dictatorship elected democratically. Fascism doesn’t need a uniform to take livelihoods away from people and humiliate them publicly. Tell Evarist Bartolo that his ideas are still those of the 1970s.

However, let this be a message to all propagandists and opportunists who are joining the government and the Party right now in their young years: just don’t do it. It’s not worth it. You are not respected. You will be considered simply as a tool of Robert Abela’s personal interests. Don’t ruin your career and your future like I did by putting it in the hands of psychos and abusive idiots. Just don’t do it. Trust me. You will thank me later when you realize that working for these assholes is simply not worth your dignity. Victor Vella wasn’t a rebel, a critique or an intellectual, he was a textbook propagandist pushing all the right buttons all the time consistently and they still dumped him. Vella never uttered words of criticism to the government or to the Labour Party, on the contrary, Vella was so loyal to the extent and was also on the wrong side of history in the political crisis of 2019.  I will not write what Victor Vella did exactly in 2019, since he may now begin to understand his past actions in a different context, and may even regret some, but I will say that Vella was the ideal propagandist.

And still, despite being the ideal propagandist Victor was not safe and was humiliated too. They didn’t even value him because they didn’t see in him someone submissive enough to say and publish exactly what Robert Abela would expect him to. This is the extent of fear and loathing our society is descending to where even propagandists are not safe. I hope that this experience helps Victor to start seeing things in a different light today.

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