Pope Francis’ visit to Malta will strengthen the mafia and empower criminals

Pope Francis visit to Malta will compromise the security of government critics.

There has never been a worse time to organise a visit by the Pope. The repercussions on the Pope’s visit to Malta will be dangerous and potentially also violent.

The Pope is going to come to Malta at a time when the the local mafia of Joseph Muscat and his cabal is trying very hard not to get prosecuted. Justice Minister Edward Zamit Lewis and his corrupt Attorney-General, Victoria Buttigieg have so far been very successful in keeping corrupt government contracts like the Electrogas contract in place. We have had a political crisis in 2019 where we forced the mafia to resign from power, only to have the mafia return to power thanks to its anointed successor, Robert Abela.

The visit of the Pope in Malta will empower Robert Abela and the mafia in politics. The Pope is practically going to hand a huge victory to them – by visiting our country and meeting Robert Abela and other criminals like the Justice Minister, the Pope is going to normalise them by being placed in images and photographs with them.

I should also reiterate that the Pope’s visit to Malta is the worse thing that could happen to us government critics. Can you image how much more emboldened the criminals in power would become if they met the Pope in Malta? Violence can also follow the Pope’s visit in Malta. Once Robert Abela will meet the Pope, there is nothing to stop his supporters in turning to violence given that their criminal leader has had a holy blessing.

We are in the midst of a very important battle for our democracy where we are struggling to take power away from criminals and the mafia. The Pope should not meet these criminals. The Pope should come to our country when we have a normal government and the criminals and the mafia are not a threat to our security and well-being.

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