Malta does not have the strongest economic growth in Europe

Our government produces statistics and propaganda in the style of the Chinese Communist Party and then there are its propagandists who convolute these statistics even further with their fantasies. Robert Abela has been repeating that he has given to Malta the highest economic growth in Europe. Economic growth is relative to many different factors. For example, a GDP growth of 10% in an underdeveloped country may relatively be insignificant to a 2% GDP growth in a developed economy. Robert likes throwing numbers around as if he is speaking about the weight of a bar in the gym, yet even the numbers give a nuanced picture. According to statistics provided by the European Commission, this is how much the GDP grew in EU economies in nominal terms from 2019 to the present.

Ireland: 27%
Luxembourg: 9.2%
Poland: 8.7%
Lithuania: 8.3%
Estonia: 7.5%
Rumania: 6.7%
Hungry: 6.6%
Croatia: 6.4%
Slovenia: 6.3%
Sweden: 5.8%
Latvia: 5.4%
Denmark: 4.7%
Cyprus: 3.9%
Finland: 3.6%
Greece: 3.6%
Slovakia: 3.4%
Netherlands: 3.3%
Bulgaria: 3.1%
EU: 3.1%
Malta: 3%
Belgium: 2.8%
Eurozone area: 2.5%
France: 2.1%
Austria: 1.9%
Germany: 1.6%
Czech Republic: 1.6%
Portugal: 1.4%
Italy: 1%
Spain: -1.1%

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