From bargain property to literally for free

Notarial documents show that Robert Abela has a  50% share lease of a government apartment for €3,000 for three years which has now expired, but he is still using the property. The property is a prime site in Strait Street Valletta (53/3) which is a much sought-after location by lawyers working at the courts. People pay thousands of Euros per year to rent properties in this area. The other half is owned by George Abela’s business partner Ian Stafrace.

This basically means that George Abela expropriated public property for his own and his family’s business interests.

It would be interesting to know what happened after the lease expired given that Robert Abela’s history is only now being untangled with the recent discovery that Robert Abela was involved in a property transaction with an alleged criminal and fraudster.


  1. The office at 53/3 Strait Street then became Abela Advocates’ offices. Did they redeem the ground rent? Was this leased off the government?

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