Call for sales executive

I’m pushing it too much and I’m rather overwhelmed with work.

I don’t do mistakes for no reason at all.

I give my blog as nearly as much as one dedicates to a full-time job but I’m going to get broke if I keep blogging intensely without working on the stuff which actually gets the bacon on the table.

And I definitely can’t afford to do any more mistakes.

I need a sales executive to start collecting adverts and sources of revenue for my blog. Of course, I am going to take the risk of paying out of my own pocket since the blog doesn’t make money so I am willing to offer a 40% cut on every advert and source of revenue and a minimum wage. I’ll give you a plan and a list of potential clients too.

I need the money from the sales so as to eventually employ a full-time editor for the blog.

The work will regularised by Jobs + or as a self-employed.


Oh, write to me with your CV etc… at markcamilleri(stopspam)


Bonus: if you work for me, you can get to know a lot of dirty secrets before they are published so you’ll have plenty of things to discuss with your friends on Saturday night.

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