They are lying: cyber-bullying is already a crime in our laws

Vote Labour and give up yoru free speech.

Robert Abela intends to clamp down on freedom of speech by re-introducing criminal libel – a law that was cancelled in 2018. The corrupt Justice Minister, Edward Żammit-Lewis is pushing the law under the guise of combating “cyber-bullying”.

They are lying. Cyber-bullying is already a crime in our very expansive criminal code such as in article 251, apart from the fact that cyber-bullying is also illegal according to the Electronic Communications Act see for example article 48 and 49.

We are at the edge of a very important historical point in our society. Let’s go back to where we started.

In 2019 we had our biggest political crisis in history with the resignation of the Prime Minister, his chief of staff and his closest minister, on serious allegations of corruption and interference with the murder investigation of Daphne Caruana Galizia. The Office of the Prime Minister has also been implicated in the murder of Daphne herself. The Labour Party then goes into a process of internal reckoning where a battle for the leadership was played out and a professional rent-seeker from Joseph Muscat’s side takes over the Labour Party. The Labour Party then morphed into an adulatory platform to an idiot Prime Minister with a long history of rent-seeking who has defended Joseph Muscat’s cronies and is now turning the government into a dictatorial tool and the country into his own personal fiefdom.

The choice that we are going to make in the next election is of historic proportions and it is no longer a battle about political ideology. The choice is between the retention of our liberal democracy and the restoration of rule of law or the hand-over of power to the Abela family which is trying to acquire dictatorial powers with all the criminals and rent-seekers that back them. If Abela wins the election, we will transition into a populist State where one single family will be usurping public power for its gain and white-collar criminals will be the biggest beneficiaries. Free speech will take a huge hit.

The calls that the Labour Party needs to remain in power so as to preserve our social democracy are outright delusions. Evarist Bartolo has as of late been invoking the spirit of Ġuże Ellul Mercer because the government has been giving out €100 cheques to its citizens. These are the delusions of an old man who no longer gets it and is stuck in the bubble of his own past. A government that dishes out millions of Euros in corrupt contracts and deals with political criminals, but appeases its flock with pounds, shillings and pence is not a social democrat, it’s more like a feudal regime.


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