€28,000 a month not €17,000

Malta’s number one rent-seeker.

In 2019, when Jose Herrera was Minister for the Environment he issued a €130,000 direct order to Robert Abela on top of his €17,000 a month legal retainer. This means that in 2019 alone, Robert Abela raked in a total of around €335,000 in legal fees from the Planning Authority alone.

Do you remember Evarist Bartolo in Opposition screaming, shouting and banging his fist on the table in Parliament about the overpaid salaries of corrupt government officials? I do, I was in the streets protesting against the Nationalist government back then.

Now, Varist wants to reassure us that he is part of a social-democratic movement because his government is sending a €100 cheque to each and every citizen.

Vote them out.

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  1. Mark – this isn’t a comment (please don’t upload it!) but I don’t have another way of contacting you. “Dispense with” has a particular meaning, namely ‘to do away with’. “dispensed” would be fine without the “with”. I also wonder if one can ‘scream and bang about something’. I don’t think we would say that in the UK. We might say someone “banged on about something” which means ‘go on and on, endlessly about something’. But I wonder if you meant literally banging the table or desk, which is different.

    I am a big fan of your book and your blog. If you would like me to point out the occasional typo or slip of English, happy to do so. I do the same, very occasionally, for Manuel Delia who I also admire very much. But I’d need a WhatsApp number or e-mail.



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