It’s official: they are clamping down on free speech

Fascism on the way

I’ve just come back from the supermarket to read the news that the government is pushing a law that will clamp down on free speech under the pretence of “cyberbullying”.

The law will put people up to five years in jail and fine them up to €30,000 for insulting people online. It is being pushed in parliament by the same Justice Minister who was caught colluding and conspiring with Yorgen Fenech.

I am taking this personally. I’m the only author who insults these assholes publicly and they take umbrage to it even if they don’t reply to my insults. Rosianne, on the other hand, is a bit more stupid than the others so she is taking the risk of dragging my insults to court arguing she has been libelled.

These laws are not going to be a civil matter either. They are going to be part of the criminal code. This means that the government intends to weaponize the Maltese police force against me personally and other potential critics.

This is my message to the corrupt criminal who is pushing this law in parliament – suck my dick Edward. The day will come when we will have a normal government and will pass laws that will see you prosecuted on criminal-political conspiracy.

Next time you hear Varist saying that we are not a fascist state because we allow free speech tell him to go fuck himself.

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