A career serving and supporting criminals

Robert Cutajar and crooked election candidate Rosianne Ctuajar

In his last speech in Parliament, Prime Minister Robert Abela attacked the Nationalist Party’s legal reforms to restore rule of law and invoked once again the deceitful and authoritarian argument that such proposals would stifle the economy. The proposals of the Nationalist Party are the best thing that has happened to our country since the 2019 political crisis and they are intended to address corruption in politics. Robert also lied about introducing an anti-SLAPP bill when in actual fact he will do the opposite of what he is saying: introducing a bill that will legitimise and apply foreign court cases of libel in Maltese courts. Basically, his speech was an infantile rant filled with spiteful jokes, stupid inanities, delusions, lies and more lies. This is our Prime Minister and we are in the middle of various crises namely, an economic crisis exacerbated by exogenous factors and a meltdown in rule of law. Meanwhile, the Prime Minister is playing games and trying to take the public for a ride.

Robert can not begin to conceive of the great responsibility he has, so he simply doesn’t. He is leading the country as if he is playing a game which he thinks he is winning by his own prowess and he is very delusional about it. In reality, it’s not a game, but our country whose rule of law is in free fall while the government is filled with criminals. At the same time that he protects crooks and criminals like Edward Żammit Lewis and Rosianne Cutajar, Robert is pushing the message that he is restoring rule of law. Through this deceit, Robert is successfully normalizing the mafia and political criminality in our public life. These two crooked candidates are contesting elections – never mind they have both been caught conspiring with Yorgen Fenech and protecting him over his corruption with government. Rosianne Cutajar even slept with Yorgen and took his money in exchange for her fierce defense of him in Parliament. May I remind readers of this website that there is evidence for this (linked above), I will be submitting more evidence about this in court.

Gone are the days when Robert Abela was against the “devil’s pact”. Robert is consistent in his lies in deceit. After pretending he was going to come down hard on Keith Schembri’s allies, Robert ended up protecting them and covering up for them brazenly even attacking the police for searching Joseph Muscat’s house (deceitfully bringing up the argument about children’s bags being searched). Now, he is going to get the crooks back into parliament.

One of Robert Abela’s clients

Allow me to remind you that this is the same prime minister who complained of being stressed during the pandemic and justified a retainer of €17,000 a month because he worked weekends (this wasn’t the only contract he had with the government). The idiot also invoked his own success in life and even said that the Nationalists were jealous of his success as a businessman. I nearly fell out of my chair laughing when I heard this. Robert wouldn’t even be hired by McDonald’s for a legal case, yet he wants to convince us he is some hot shot lawyer. Apart from the lucrative government contracts Robert received, his clients included contractors who had pending planning authority applications while he worked at the Planning Authority and frauds from the lower echelons of the criminal class.

In reality, Robert is a transitionary problem that we have to experience until we get the Nationalists into power to start rebuilding the country and restoring rule of law. He is like a squatter who has squatted our government and the Labour Party and will eventually have to leave when his time is up. What happens to Robert after leaving the premiership is unavoidable irrelevance. And he will be mostly remembered for one thing only: dedicating his career in support of rent-seekers and criminals.

Prosit Ministru.


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