That ship has sailed, Rosianne

Cry me a river Rosianne Cutajar.

It’s frustrating to see media and journalists normalizing crooks and criminals like Rosianne Cutajar and Edward Żammit Lewis by quoting them as if they are normal politicians. They are not. They are crooks who should be prosecuted in court for their crimes in politics and they should be treated accordingly.

Rosianne wants us to feel sympathy for her after she was overheard calling her political opponent, Claudette Buttiġieġ “qaħba” (whore) in a conversation with her colleagues in parliament. She’s responding by telling us that we never supported her when she was unfairly called a “whore” and that she deserves some sympathy here. Poor little sod.

Give it up Rosianne. You are a liar. We supported you and backed you when you were unfairly shamed for allegedly being an escort in your younger days, and this story has been told very well in my book. However, Rosianne, that ship has sailed ever since you slept with Yorgen Fenech.

I love the efficacy of language and I will be happy to boldly appropriate the word “whore” and use it appropriately according to our political context. Throughout my life, I have never called a sex worker a whore and neither do I use terms such as “prostitute”.  And despite my occasional mistakes with women, knowing very well that my mistakes have been influenced by an upbringing in a patriarchal and sexist society, I strive to make an effort and consciously make sure to never use such denigrating terms towards women.

However, the word “whore” has other meanings and uses other than for sex work, and you Rosianne, have earned this definition with great gusto. Ever since you slept with Yorgen Fenech and took his money to defend his corruption in parliament and abroad, you have become our little national whore. Congratulations.

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