Very successful fund raising

I would like to thank each and every one of you who donated money to yesterday’s fundraiser. I will be replying to reach every donor individually very soon. The donations will be used to fund historical and investigative research on Tumas Fenech and his business empire. The investigative story will be part of a journal that I intend to launch in October with other friends and will focus on economics, politics, business, finance, conflict and war in Malta and the Mediterranean.  Each and every donor who donated as part of yesterday’s drive will be given a free copy. I am sorry for those who donated today who will not get this privilege. I need to control the costs a bit as we need to make money out of this journal so as to make it profitably sustainable in the long term. So far this is the amount I have received in donations from yesterday (€1884). The estimated cost of the research story on Tumas Fenech is around €5,000 but can go much higher. We will be making money from the journal by selling it before uploading the content on the website many months later.

Thank you again! I will take your donations with a great sense of responsibility.

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