Building a new research and investigative journal

Today, I turn 34 years old. Also, today, the 2nd of February is also the day when the first sitting of Rosianne Cutajar’s libel case against me takes place. This is a good day to rally support for a big message.

I like to build stuff.

My blog has been getting a lot of views and activity and has been generating a lot of interest. However, I can’t grow into an old man with an angry blog and a donate button. The donations have been helpful but have been nowhere near to monetising the blog professionally. For example, last month I had €200 in donations, with one donor hitting €100 alone (thanks big boy). My opinionated blogs are creating interest, but we need serious analytical and hard-hitting investigative research on politics, corruption, economics, business, finance and more. This research costs a lot of money and goes beyond me. There needs to be something sustainable that stands on its own and that generates revenue sustainably so that it can exist even without me.

Something, bigger and better needs to come out from my blog. I need to leverage my blog and create something new out of it while I retain it as my personal base. So, I am teaming up with a group of people to leverage my blog and create a new investigative media house that will do in-depth and critical research on important stories focused on Malta and the Mediterranean. We will focus on large-scale corruption, economics business, finance, and conflict.

In memory of Rosianne Cutajar’s libel suit against me, after sternly denying she had slept with Yorgen Fenech, I would like to dedicate this moment and post to also announce that tentatively, one of my first investigative pieces in this new investigative journal is the story of Tumas Fenech and how he built his wealth empire. After doing preliminary work, I estimate that this research project alone will cost me around €5,000. If you have any information on Tumas Fenech and the history of Tumas Group please contact me.

So, thank you for your attention. It is my birthday, today so if you like my work, show me some love by hitting that donation button.

As for the mafia, my enemies and the criminal network in politics and the Labour Party – don’t fuck with me.

PS: Our target is to launch our journal in October this year. I may also delay some other book projects to give this more priority.


  1. Maybe at this stage an investigation into abuses in the PLPN & their stalwarts’ financing is far more crucial, than digging antics from over half a century…

  2. Well done mate.

    You can rely on Mark to dig up the dirt on this sewer of a political/developer/media class.

    Malta wake up !

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