Who is going to stand up for this woman?

A Playmobil figure.

The collapse in rule of law is pervasive in the whole system and there have literally been various casualties as a cause of the collapse of the rule of law with one of the latest victims being Miriam Pace, a woman buried in her own home by building contractors. There has been no justice for Miriam Pace. The architects who caused her death got community work and relatively small fines. The magistrate who handed down the latter sentence is Joe Mifsud – a Labour propagandist who got rejected by the delegates of the Party in a deputy-leadership election, and then was eventually appeased by Joseph Muscat, after years of holding grudges and petty resentment for his rejection, by appointing him, magistrate.

On the other hand, we not only have the problem of magistrates handing down bizarre sentences (admittedly Joe Mifsud is considered by legal professionals, both left and right, as one of the most incompetent magistrates in history), we have the glaring problem that many of our politicians are lawyers, some of them even criminal lawyers whose direct legislative powers will influence the per-course of cases of their previous or current clients. We have so far shrugged off this glaring reality but it comes to haunt us back when criminals get away with the most wicked of acts.

Apparently, someone in Malta got away with slavery. Anna Maria Jimenez just got away with enslaving another woman with severe mental disabilities. Anna Maria Jimenez locked her friend in a room for around four and a half years, with two dogs, allowing her out only very briefly to walk the dogs, and all the while using her as a slave to assemble Playmobil figures and pocketing her cheques.

No one has stood up for the victim and the usual virtuous signalers in politics can completely shrug off this travesty of justice because apparently “the institutions are working”. These are the kind of cases that make me so angry they leave me speechless and bridled with anger.

And who is going to compensate the victim? Where’s the socialist government that Oliver Scicluna dreamed so much about?


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