Ruining women with pseudo-medical advice

I have just been alerted that the publicly-funded and pro-life extremist group Life Network Foundation Malta, is trying to reach out to women through deceptive Google Ads which promote the morning after pill.

Such an act is not only criminally illegal according to the Maltese code given that you can not promote medical services or products without proper authorisation – but it is also blatantly unethical. This organization was publicly funded by the corrupt crook Michael Falzon whose track record includes the corruption with Mark Gaffarena and the corrupt contract of €274 million with DB and James Caterers over the government’s old people’s home.

Are you still wondering why we need a “progressive Labour” in government?

In any case. If you are a woman and you are reading this, and you are looking for medical advice on your pregnancy, or you know someone who is, please take advice from medical professionals who are willing to inform you of all your rights and choices available. You can contact the Family Planning Advisory Services on Watsup: +35627780037

Also, feel free to visit the Doctors For Choice website which has a list of services, contacts and educational material.

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  1. Their website is actually far worse with mis information of MAP, it is full of lies and they are actively trying to prevent women seeking emergency contraception

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