A disgrace of a government

Malta’s Justice Minister is a crook and a criminal conspirator.

Robert Abela’s government has voted against the Nationalist Party’s legal proposal to restore the rule of law. On the other hand, the government is also proposing to apply SLAPP cases into local law. It is also using a fake consultation committee to show face and pretend it is doing something right – it isn’t. The main speech against the Nationalist Party’s bill was given by criminal conspirator and Justice Minister, Edward Żammit Lewis.

Today, and right now the Labour Party stands for nothing except for the mafia and Joseph Muscat’s cabal. Prime Minister Robert Abela is leading the country out of self-interest, vanity and over-zealous ambition.

The pandemic is over and the urgency to have Chris Fearne as health minister is ending as well. There is literally no need right now to have the Labour Party in government. And the Labour government is offering nothing other than to spend its way, deplete the national reserves, take on a mammoth of debt, defend the mafia, and ensure the Labour Party comes out unscathed over past corruption activities. This is more like pillage and looting than normal governance.

The national priority right now is to restore the rule of law and only the Nationalist Party can do this. Labour’s defense of Joseph Muscat is directing us straight into another crisis.

We need a normal country. Get Sandra Gauci in parliament so that we have a third candidate as proper opposition and if you are in other districts vote for the Nationalist Party.

When Robert Abela resigns and Labour faces its reckoning we can start discussing mainstream politics once again, while the Nationalist Party ensures that we have a government that will restore rule of law under which Joseph Muscat has absolutely no protection whatsoever from the government.

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