The mafia’s deceit on free press

Crook, criminal conspirator and Justice Minister, Edward Żammit Lewis.

Today, that crook and corrupt conspirator Edward Żammit Lewis and Justice Minister was in Parliament attacking the Nationalist Party’s proposed legal amendments to restore the rule of law. The Nationalist Party has proposed a set of laws which if approved would see Edward Żammit Lewis being prosecuted in court for being part of a criminal organisation in politics that conspired together to do crimes and cover up each other. Żammit Lewis was in regular contact with Yorgen Fenech and defended him publicly via press conferences when it was revealed that Fenech was the owner of the shell company 17 Black which was used to move corrupt proceeds from the Electrogas contract.

Żammit Lewis has given a mafia textbook speech riddled with lies and deceit. His strongest point was that the reforms proposed by the Nationalist Party would threaten foreign direct investment. He also lied about article 83 of the criminal code since it is not the same thing that Nationalists are proposing which include explicit and defined provisions for criminality in politics.

Meanwhile, the government is also proposing that foreign court cases of libel filed against Maltese residents are to be applied locally via the prerequisites of local law. Gone is the government’s position that we are going to have a law against SLAPP. The government is also pretending that we take its stupid consultation committee seriously – the reality is that there is no consultation by the government with stakeholders and the bottom line is that there is no trust. You can’t really be part of a consultation process on press reform if the Justice Minister is suspected of serious criminal conspiracy with the same mafia which assassinated a journalist. It’s all an excruciating show of unashamed deceit and banality of evil.

The reality of press freedom in Malta is very different from what the government is portraying. First of all, most of the conventional and traditional press in Malta such as The Times of Malta and MaltaToday are struggling financial companies that rake in significant revenue from government-sponsored adverts. Then there is The Shift News which is privately backed. The revenues of these media houses are razor-sharp thin leaving them with very little resources to conduct proper investigations. In addition, the government makes journalism intentionally difficult to conduct by withholding public information and details on its expenses and activities.

Then there is the Labour Party which has an army of paid trolls, consultants and university academics on its side. The Labour Party also has direct control of the public broadcasting services which is used as the Prime Minister’s propaganda tool while the Labour Party rakes in public subsidies to pump its VAT tax-evading fully-fledged propaganda machine: ONE.

The Labour Party doesn’t need public subsidies to pump its propaganda machine. With more than €500,000 of liquid funds in cash, bonds and stocks, the Labour Party is well-financed and equipped to deploy its capital for sustainable purposes. Instead, the Labour Party depends on donations and public subsidies to constantly produce and disseminate its unsellable propaganda.

We are fighting a gang of criminals and opportunists who have hijacked the Labour Party and our public institutions. On paper, we have a free press, but in reality, the mafia has a fully-fledged and publicly-subsidised propaganda machine with an army of paid trolls that can successfully spread lies and narratives against a financially-struggling press.


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