Breaking: Diplomatic corps set to strike and election on 9th June

Giovanni Buttigieg is a relatively unkown government employee who has been appointed Ambassador to Ireland.

The diplomatic corps is threatening strike action as the government is moving ahead with the appointment of Giovanni Buttigieg as ambassador to Ireland without following the established practice of putting the nominee up for parliamentary scrutiny. The diplomatic corps is arguing that once Buttigieg’s appointment will be approved, a new precedent will be introduced which will see government employees fast-tracked to the diplomatic corps. This nomination has also come with a recent call for applications exclusively to government employees for diplomatic posts.  Diplomats are also arguing that once Giovanni Buttigieg is made ambassador, a precedent will be intentionally set so that government appoints its direct appointees to shadow the United Nations Security Council as Malta gets its seat on the Council.

Diplomats are also being prepared for a June 9th election as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs intends to complete its political appointments in the diplomatic corps before that date.

I haven’t received a reply from Evarist Bartolo over this story. I don’t think I will.

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  1. Niftakar fit-1994,fi zmien il-ministru tal-foreign affairs, onor Dr. Guido Demarco, Malta messa tkun il-President tal-United Nations. DR. Demarco warrab lit-tifel ta Dr. George Borg Oliver li kien imissu din il-hatra fi zmien ftit grant u ghamel lilu innifsu president tal-United nations, kontra kull etikett u xorta zamm il-ministru tal-foreign affairs. Biex ikun jidher fl-istorja ta Malta fil-hazen.

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