Talk is cheap and often crap

Oliver Scicluna has been appointed to parliament by Robert Abela for one reason only: he serves as a good token of representation for people with disabilities and the liberal left. Oliver is also the only liberal who accepted Robert Abela’s offer to join him in parliament – the others who were offered a seat in parliament refused him.

Oliver’s job is to do nothing other than to say nice things that make his boss happy. Here, Oliver is applauding his master for being a socialist. Really? This is the first time ever I hear this. The rate of poverty under Robert Abela’s administration has increased compared to the previous administration. Food prices are rising and there are more people than ever saying that housing costs are unaffordable. Meanwhile, Robert Abela is pumping subsidies in the construction industry and his economic legacy is going to be debt and a race-track. Prosit Ministru.

I’d be happy to know what kind of LSD Oliver is taking since he seems to be living in a utopia of his own. Last time I checked what was happening, it was the opposite of what Oliver is saying. Robert Abela is not bringing back socialism in the Party, he is bringing back the mafia. He is also not leading the government with technocrats, but with Prosit Ministru bażużli.

It didn’t take much time for Oliver to become a conventional Maltese politician with abysmal standards. He is just like most of the others: a bighead who talks a lot of crap and does nothing of real value.

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