Robert Abela’s war against the Labour Party

Ever since entering office, Robert Abela has waged an internal war in the Labour Party against his adversaries and his critics, purging them out and humiliating them in the process. Constantly and regularly, Robert Abela worked to undermine Chris Fearne in many ways including by considering the idea of replacing him with Charmaine Gauci as Health Minister.

Meanwhile, Robert Abela is doing anything he can to damage Chris Fearne’s reputation. Robert prompted the auditor-general to investigate the contract of Carmen Ciantar (Chris Fearne’s top chief) intentionally to embarrass him, instead of using his executive powers to reduce the pay-cheque of the top-government CEOs. 

Now, Robert Abela has appointed Rosianne Cutajar to the Parliamentary Health Committee intentionally and directly to humiliate Chris Fearne all the while ingratiating with Joseph Muscat’s cabal. Chris Fearne is the Leader of the House and signs all the appointments by default. It is not true as it is being quoted in the press that Rosianne’s appointment was “moved” by Fearne. Fearne simply approved it as he approves all the changes to the House, just like he approved very recently the co-option of PN’s Graziella Galea into Parliament. Robert Abela also took the opportunity to make this move at a time when Labour MPs are alienated with internal squabbles and a general election.

Robert Abela is waging a silent war against the Labour Party by constantly undermining his critics and those who disagree with him, covering up and defending Joseph Muscat and his cabal, and filling the top-Party posts and the parliamentary group with a host of sub-literate “Prosit Ministru” idiots. Meanwhile, he is also putting his sister-in-law up for election to entrench the power of his family in the government and in the Party.

Leaders are renowned for their leadership skills when they convince and inspire their followers with their visions and ideals. Robert Abela will be remembered for destroying the Labour Party by turning it into his own private space. Various top Labour Party officials have been very frustrated with all of this, yet have been very silent about it in public – they are betting that the next administration is going to be Robert Abela’s last term in office, but it is still unclear exactly of how Robert Abela would eventually exist the leadership. The problem is that if Robert Abela wins the next elections, there won’t be anything left of the Labour Party other than its history, abused and exploited by the Abela dynasty to extend its power.


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