The long tentacles of the mafia

Lino Farrugia.

Joseph Muscat has claimed that he got to know about his raid on his home through a “PN source”. He is lying. Joseph Muscat’s sources extend very deep into the government and Maltese businesses. For example, Lino Farrugia, a property developer is a friend and supporter of Joseph Muscat. A common friend Lino Farrugia and Joseph Muscat have is the previous police commissioner Lawrence Cutajar. Lino Farrugia is also the father of Daniel Farrugia who owns Londoner’s Bar and is also Rosianne Cutajar’s current boyfriend.

Lino Farrugia is also a close friend to various members of the Grand Lodge of Malta, but he is not a member. Particularly, he is friends with Carol Peralta.


Lino Farrugia and ex-Police Commissioner Lawrence Cutajar.



Lino Farrugia and Carol Peralta.

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