Vote Labour and you get the mafia

As much as it breaks my heart to say this, it is the truth. These scumbags still have a lot of power and influence and are still covered and protected by Robert Abela and his acolytes. If you had any doubts about whose side Robert Abela is on, this photo should dispel any obfuscation.

Robert Abela is not fighting for his country and neither is he fighting for us – he is fighting for himself and that includes protecting his previous master and criminal associates. Abela has literally no consideration for our future and our society – his only consideration is himself as he enjoys getting all those likes from the illiterate mob who still supports Joseph Muscat.

“Prosit Robert, kemm int King!!”

It is always important to say things as they are given the huge amount of propaganda, lies and deceit propagated by Robert Abela. Here, Robert Abela is dining with a previous prime minister who is currently being criminally investigated. Amongst them is a politician who slept and took bribes from the alleged murderer of Daphne Caruana Galizia.

Is this the leader you want? Someone who dines with absolute criminals instead of someone who is busy calling out in clear terms what is good and wrong? Robert Abela is a traitor to the nation: a pseudo-leader who is protecting and ingratiating with the criminals who ruined the country instead of calling them out and building the country that we actually need to live in. Robert Abela is also a self-centred narcissist who has no shame in engaging in public acts which expose the banality of evil.

I’m today more than ever convinced that we need the Nationalist arty in government only and simply so that we have a normal country. After getting the Nationalists in power, we can start discussing mainstream politics. So, far, we are discussing how to get these crooks away from power.

This is abnormal and we live in a country run by crooks.


  1. Refreshing to hear this from you. What, however, made you change your position from ‘I can’t vote PN but will vote alternativa’?

  2. Lets call her by her name – Nuxellina.

    It was never about ‘ideology’ just rampant greed and self-serving interest.

    Malta wake up !

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