The Roberta Metsola Effect

Roberta Metsola

It has been a while since the Maltese cheered for something. You don’t get the same kind of celebration in bigger countries when one of them becomes President of the European Parliament. In our current political climate, we are not only celebrating the success of a Maltese abroad, but we are also celebrating a politician who instils hope in our future: a feeling that we lag ever since our country descended into a rule of law crisis in 2019.

Robert Abela didn’t bring any sense of hope for the future. Muscat deluded us into thinking that he was the right man to modernise the country and he could sell this hope extravagantly well. Robert Abela is selling nothing other than ensuring that he is seen as friends with Joseph Muscat to the illiterate mobs who support him. 

Now, compare the infant-idiot prince of Robert Abela, who is more concerned with how he is viewed by his previous master and his criminal associates than with running the country and doing the right thing, with Roberta Metsola: the young woman who took a top post in the European Union. This is not a post in praise of Roberta Metsola and she comes from the same class of conservative and upper-middle-class Nationalist lawyers who are completely detached from the reality of ordinary people. It’s all show and theatre especially when considering that the European Parliament is also a powerless institution with no legislative power. It’s more like a talking shop rampant with political vanity. Meanwhile, as these career bureaucrats and politicians engage in sweet talk, Europe is on the brink of an energy crisis and Russia intends to invade one of our neighbours and Roberta Metsola and her merry friends can do absolutely nothing about these things.

We, the Maltese are celebrating Roberta Metsola’s success for very different reasons as to why the politicians in Brussels are celebrating her. Our celebration of Roberta Metsola is not a grand gesture of vanity, it is a desperate plea for normality. I’m happy to discuss why I think Roberta Metsola is politically wrong on all levels, but I feel that I can only do this properly once we have a normal government that does not associate itself with the mafia. This is the hope that Metsola gives us: the hope that we can have leaders in our country who despite being right or wrong politically, they are simply normal.

Right now, we have a government that is spouting lies and deceit while defending the mafia. I will remind everyone that the narrative being propagated by Robert Abela that the Labourites are up in arms in defense of Joseph Muscat is false and deceitful. Joseph Muscat does not have the support in the Party that Robert Abela is clamouring for. These narratives being propagated in the media are simply lies.

Simply put, Joseph Muscat does not have this extensive support in the Labour Party and whoever is “leaking” these messages are doing a service to Robert Abela in his construction of this deceitful narrative.

This is not a normal country. The Prime Minister should not be dining with a previous Prime Minister who is under criminal investigation and he shouldn’t be defending him either.

Robert Metsola gives us the new lingering hope that a normal leader in our country is actually a possibility.

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