Let me clear this up with my ex-friends who dont have the balls to tell me this to my face

Today, I was on the line with one of my Labour sources (don’t worry they are neither Chris Fearne nor Evarist Bartolo as we haven’t spoken with each other for a relatively long time).

A fake media outlet funded by the government.

She or he told me that some of my previous Labour friends who no longer have the balls to speak to me in my face are whispering to each other that most of my information is being provided by Christian Peregin, the chief strategist of the Nationalist Party whilst following his agenda.

Look, you fucking idiots. Journalists, editors and publishing editors wait in line for Christian Peregin to feed them information because he is in a position of power and influence. If you are in journalism, you would be stupid not to speak to these people. And it’s just the same with journalists that speak to the Labour sources. I have Labour sources who still love Joseph Muscat and disagree with me on all aspects, but that doesn’t mean I believe everything they tell me and follow their agenda. Get, it? We get info from everyone and we do our own assessments.

My agenda is clear. I am going to be back in the fold of the Labour Party once it is cleared of all the criminals and all those who support them and I don’t care if I have to wait many years for this. I don’t need to be in government to make a living. And I’m also totally self-funded, while the website doesn’t rake in anything more than a couple of pounds, shillings and pence in miserable donations. The media organisations or bloggers who don’t have adverts have substantial private donours backing them: I have none – I fund myself and I still can take on all of your propaganda machines single-handedly

I’ll tell you who follows an agenda. Fake media outlets like Strada Rjali who are totally government-funded and follow the government’s propaganda. There are others, but I won’t bother for now.

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