In constant defense of the mafia

Robert Abela is surely successful at one thing: at obfuscating the national political discourse and misrepresenting himself. The Times of Malta is picking up a narrative by Labour MPs which is being distorted as it is passed along to different people in different ways. Robert Abela does this successfully as he tells different things to different people while disingenuously invoking his right to discretion. It’s child’s play because he has an infantile character and it is not very difficult to understand what is behind the obfuscated narratives.

Robert Abela is trying to convince the mainstream media, hence the leaks, that his support for Joseph Muscat is only meant as theatre to appease the hardcore Labour supporters: it is not, it is genuine. Robert Abela will do whatever it is convenient for him to do and if the majority of the people support the mafia, Robert Abela will support it. That is why Robert has defended Joseph Muscat twice by criticizing the police for confiscating the mobile phones of his children.

It is glaringly evident how irresponsible Robert Abela is – he has been elected Labour Party leader with the support of Joseph Muscat and on the promise of continuity. He then went on to appoint one of Joseph Muscat’s cabal members, Edward Żammit Lewis as Justice Minister and a compliant Attorney-General who also complied with Joseph Muscat’s cabal as deputy to the Attorney-General back then. Abela also appointed Joseph Msucat’s close friend, Miriam Dalli as energy minister so as to ensure that the corrupt Electrogas deal does not come back to bite Muscat and the Labour Party. And there is more. Louis Grech, Joseph Muscat’s close consultant has been kept on the cabinet and attends cabinet meetings regularly – his role is continuity too. The political continuity of Joseph Muscat’s administration is tangible and real and this is the exact opposite of what we need. Robert Abela is not leading the country: he is leading himself and his political career.

I will also have no shame to invoke my personal experience on this matter to point out the gross obfuscation that is taking place. Joseph Muscat’s henchmen such Johann Buttigieg and Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando are still government executives. And while Jason Micallef, another government executive, calls on Labour supporters to come out in the streets in defense of Joseph Muscat and against the police investigation, I was fired from my job for publicly telling off Yorgen Fenech’s lawyers after having solicited my support. And my biases are clear.

Abela doesn’t care about the gross implications of his banality of evil: defending the mafia and ingratiating with its supporters for his political ends. The gross narcissistic irresponsibility of our leader risks bringing our country at the brink of another rule of law crisis. We need a new leader for our country and this should be on top of our priorities.

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