Doubling down on the mafia

Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando

Robert Abela has doubled down on his criticism against the police for confiscating the mobile phones of Joseph Muscat’s children. Meanwhile, Robert Abela has said nothing on the alleged leaks by the police to Joseph Muscat on his raid and investigation.

Meanwhile, the police are being harassed and attacked publicly for investigating Joseph Muscat by the fake government executive and ONE TV chairman, Jason Micallef. Another government executive, and previous member of the Grand Lodge of Malta, Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando has also attacked the police in a public post.

Jason Micallef is attacking the police and urging Labour Party supporters to come out in protest.

There are no better words than to describe Joseph Muscat’s gang of friends and accomplices as a criminal organisation that is embedded in the political structures of our country, and in the Mediterranean, we call this the mafia.

There should be no illusions to what is happening here, irrespective of cordialities, friendships and familiarities. Feeling that walls are closing in, the mafia is fighting back with all means necessary. Robert Abela is ingratiating with his previous master who anointed him leader of the Labour Party and Prime Minister to ensure his political survival in case Joseph Muscat wins the court case and comes back into the political fold. They are so scared of Joseph Muscat and his followers that they won’t let go of their support for him and his criminal behaviour. They are spineless, corrupt and opportunistic freaks who have no care for the country and our future

If you think we live in a normal country, you are wrong. I am a Labour Party member and previous delegate and I urge everyone to get the Nationalist Party in government unless we want to see our country going to the pits. Before we discuss mainstream politics and political ideologies, we need a normal country where the mafia has no support or backing at all from the official government.

And allow me to send a message to Robert Abela once we are here. Robert, you are not a “court expert” and you have no right to make “checks and balances” on the investigations being carried on Joseph Muscat. You are your father’s child who has been propelled in power by the grace of his name, alone. You are a puppet and an idiot and totally unfit for purpose. The sooner you leave office, the faster we will start rebuilding our country. Until you are still there, the mafia still seems to exercise power and influence in our country. GTFO.

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