Joseph Muscat’s comeback

Joseph Muscat’s comeback.

After having his house searched as part of the magisterial inquiry on the corrupt Vitals hospitals deal, Joseph Muscat gave a press conference where he claimed he was tipped off about the search in advance. He also claimed to have had a file that he had made ready which he gave to the police as soon as they arrived at his home. Meanwhile, the only remarks that Prime Minister, Robert Abela made in reaction to this event was that according to him, from his position as a previous court expert, he couldn’t understand why Joseph Muscat’s children’s phones were confiscated.

Robert Abela successfully minimised the importance of what is happening with his dumb and inappropriate comment. No court expert is in a position to argue whether the police should have the right to confiscate the mobile phones of a suspected criminal’s children, especially if the criminal is a pathological-lying psychopath. There is a lot that is at stake here – including the future of our country. Robert Abela is ingratiating with his previous master as he is leaving the door open to the possibility that Muscat wins the case. If Muscat wins this case and has no guilty convictions on any other corruption allegation, Muscat will use his victory to return to politics. Muscat is already hinting he wants to get back in the political fold. And as I said in Jon Mallia’s podcast, Muscat will return to politics as soon as he feels he is legally threatened. That time seems to be now.

So, the future of our country right now rests in the hands of the police force: a collective of underpaid honest officers, opportunist hoodlums and burger-flippers. Who will win amongst them, we don’t know yet. Some of them seem to be in contact with Joseph Muscat given that he was tipped off about the search. Note, the usual lies of Joseph Muscat that he got to know about the search in advance because of a “Nationalist source”.

Surely, so far the police are giving the impression that they are allowing Joseph Muscat to get away with it. The corruption behind the Vitals deal has been known for some time now, and the police had ample time and room to investigate. And there is not only the Vitals deal. There’s the Electrogas deal, the Montenegro deal, the proximity of his chief of staff to Daphne Caruana Galizia’s alleged murder, and much more. If the police are doing investigations exclusively and only when magistrates initiate them, then we are fucked.


  1. Mark, what is also significant is that the top media houses each carried a headline photo of one plainclothes police official at Muscat’s door, making him recognisable. Infortuitous to say the least…

  2. this is exactly what berlusconi did whenever the magistrates started court actions against him for fraud and prostitution

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