Burger flippers pick up a fight with women

It’s always a very good PR exercise to pick up a fight with women. It’s even better if you are a police force accused by many women of not taking domestic violence and harassment seriously and then chose to pick up a fight with them by insisting in a press conference that a murderer who raped and killed a woman wasn’t motivated at all by the fact that his victim was a woman.

Brandon Pisani: Police Corps PR guy.

Am I the one who is being stupid here or is it the police force’s PR guy, Brandon Pisani who is stupid in this case? It seems like I need to be mansplained this circus by the powers that be. Brandon Pisani is the son of the John Pisani:  racist Labour hack who worked as a “journalist” for the Union Press. John was part of a toxic and rubbish clique of men who published vitriol of any kind from racism to misogyny, vitriol against journalists and many other others. Their editor was Josef Caruana who was then given a job at the OPM by Joseph Muscat. Brandon comes from this mould of Labour Party propagandists who would probably starve to death hadn’t the Labour Party need toxic men to do some dirty writing. Brandon was of course appointed as a PR man to the Police to ensure that the Police’s PR doesn’t hurt the Dear Leader and the Party.

I will not delve into the legal exigencies of the police on the case as there, supposedly are many experts in Malta in criminal law. But the PR guy’s job is to make PR not win the case. He could have surely spun this in a better way without interfering into the criminal case such as saying something on the lines of: “We very well all understand that this incident is considered as a femicide by sociological categories, however, the police have their interpretations which they will be making exclusively in court so as not to jeopardise the case”.

Bloody hell, what a bunch of burger flippers. And to shame for the political class and the Prime Minister for being so silently dumb. Good for theatre but horrible at leading the country. The Prime Minister attended the protest and memorial held for Pauline Dembksa and when asked for comments all he could say is “This is not the time”. You’ve got to be kidding me?! It was the time and place for a statesman to make a comment you dumb idiot, that is why you are there in the first place to provide direction and leadership in times of crisis.

All that women want is for society to consider that we acknowledge that femicide exists. That femicide takes place and it is a real thing. Just do it, politically, legally or otherwise you dumb bloody idiots, what the hell is your problem?


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