Another virtuous buffoon

Minister for Tourism, Clayton Bartolo has been handed over a speech to read out in parliament by Robert Abela’s stooges. Clayton obliged, of course. That’s why he is there in the first place:  a ridiculous and vacuous buffoon whose only role is to read and act the scripts he is handed over by his masters. The speech was a diatribe against David Thake for not paying his taxes in which he remarked that Thake’s companies were not eligible for the Covid tax deferrals due to his failure in submitting accounts. You don’t do give out pre-written scripts to stalwarts like Chris Fearne and Evarist Bartolo who have their own mind. Robert Abela needs an array of vacuous buffoons like Clayotn Bartolo and the newly appointed Members of Parliament, Andy Ellul, and Jonathan Attard who just say and do whatever they are told. Clayton Bartolo has a history of conflict of interests and rent-seeking as well, notably by voting on DB’s high-rise project in the Planning Authority after failing to declare that his father was in business with DB. The vote was a pre-ordained sham of conflicts of interests.

Clayton Bartolo’s virtuous buffoonery is overshadowed by rampant criminal corruption and excessive rent-seeking at the Malta Tourism Authority. These political acolytes think they are scoring goals with their virtue-signalling when in reality they only keep confirming Robert Abela’s gamification of politics where nothing matters other than theatre and winning elections. It’s not only the hypocrisy that is obscene, but it’s the fact that Robert Abela thinks that he can ram down our throats his stupid narratives while at the same time his government is involved in rampant rent-seeking and corruption.

Clayton Virtuous Buffoon Bartolo

The Shift News has been doing a very detailed investigation on the corruption going on at the Malta Tourism Authority. One of the corrupt officers at the MTA, Lionel Gerada, a convicted fraudster, has been giving out millions of Euros worth of contracts and direct orders to his friends and business partners, Labour donors and other rent-seekers. These include sponsorships to organise mass events like the Cirque de Soleil and Summer Daze parties and whatnot on the excuse that they bring tourists to Malta. It’s also an excellent way in how to intervene in a free market and give gifts to your friends at the advantage of honest business operators. It is also a great way in how to stifle the local culture industry and promote our country as a cheap and trashy destination. Meanwhile, Clyde Caruana Minister of Cultural Influence wants us to pay our taxes in full and on time because it is supposedly virtuous to pay these publicly-funded rent-seekers a living from our own taxes.

Prosit Ministru. Ejja ħa mmorru Malta ħa nsiru żibel, bro.


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