It’s wickedness not mental illness

There is a big difference between wickedness and mental illness and people should stop bringing up the issue of mental illness whenever a femicide occurs. Bringing up the issue of mental illness with regards to femicide only helps to further stigmatise people with mental health issues. People with mental health issues do not have a higher motivation to commit violence either. There is no scientific causation between mental health illness and men killing women. And allow me to go even a step further. Even violent men are not necessarily inclined to murder and abuse women. Violence is highly unusual in us since we have become genetically more pacific and more scared of pain than our ancestors. The reason that many men use violence against other men is that they are not afraid of pain. Men who kill and hurt women do so knowing that they will not be hurt back because women are vulnerable, so men who kill and hurt women are more often men who are not in general violent. So, first and foremost, men who kill and hurt women are not ill, nor violent, they are mostly wicked before everything else. Malta seems to be in the top league of femicide in Europe.

Wickedness comes in many different forms and we have a country stifled with wickedness which also comes on a regular basis from those in power and the Labour Party’s propaganda machine. Malta’s most popular TV programme in Malta is hosted by a fraudster  who is paid with public money to deliver lies, hatred, fake news, and adulation to his political masters. His boss on paper is Jason Micallef, the Chairman of ONE, another wicked specimen of our society who is also paid with public funds for sitting as an executive chairman on the boards of government made up cultural entities.

Jason Micallef has been allowed to peddle his hatred along with the Labour propaganda machine whilst all along having his indefensible vitriol defended by his political masters. His most recent vitriolic attack, just a couple of months ago, was against an environmentalist whom Jason called a traitor and an enemy of the Maltese.

What a wonderful collection of men do we have here. And what a great example do they bring to the younger generations. All’s well and good though as the Prime Minister apologised to Daphne’s family and we can let bygones be bygones as if everything is fine. Only that things are not fine. We have many men in positions of power who peddle hate and vitriol and the fact that they remain in power and keep being rewarded and promoted further only enhances the idea that they never did anything wrong. Let’s not forget that even after her murder, Jason Micallef lead a campaign of hatred against Daphne Caruana Galizia and for this campaign he was also defended by his then-boss Owen Bonnici under the pretences of freedom of speech. Nowadays, Owen has the gall to say sorry for cleaning up Daphne’s memorial on a daily basis.

Saying the obvious in the wake of Paulina Dembska’s murder is not enough. Introducing new legislation against femicide is also a step in the right direction. We also need a political class of men and women who are not toxic, who are not vile and wicked. Everyone armed with pen and paper can introduce laws and make face, but it’s another thing to change the culture of toxicity being perpetrated by men in power.




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