Pay attention to what they do not to what they say

For literary purposes, I would have liked to describe Prime Minister’s Robert Abela end of year speech as something fitting for Victor Orban, but I can’t. Despite being wicked,  Orban is on a much higher intellectual level than Robert apart from having a background and legacy of history and struggle. Our head of government is wicked too but his legacy is made of champagne socialism via MEPA direct orders.

Robert Abela’s script has now become very predictable. After purging his critics from the Party, using public institutions for partisan ends, and convoluting law and order to protect his corrupt members of parliament and allies, Abela comes out telling us that unity and respect are needed for this country to move forward. This is the script of a tin-pot dictator who demands respect instead of earning it. Abela ends his speech with an implied threat by invoking the ghost of “hate speech” saying that after all, if people don’t comply, the government can change the laws at its own discretion.

How pompous and banal. Robert’s echo is heard throughout the overly-produced and highly edited video, only to say absolutely nothing of what he did in the last two years in power. Even his script-writers are amateurs. Lawrence Gonzi and Joseph Muscat had a host of authors and intellectuals writing their speeches with literatures such as Pierre Mejlak and Norbert Bugeja chipping into their masters’ words respectively. Abela’s script-writers seem to be Party hacks who can’t even spin some positive legacy out of this pompous twat.

He says he wants the environment to be on top of his “priorities for tomorrow” while funnelling millions of Euros of subsidies to the construction industry and also enabling highly-indebted property speculators and building contractors to offset their tax dues with property sales. This charade reached peak banality when the Prime Minister announced a €20 million race-track in the prime site of a publicly-held industrial estate, while his environment minister was sent to a separate press conference to announce a €300,000 expenditure on trees in our villages.
That is not all. Prime Minister Robert Abela wants to greenwash his yacht-marina in a traditional fishing village by planning to plant trees on the rocky coastline of Xgħajra, where the harsh salty and sea environment doesn’t actually provide an ideal environment for trees.

By now it should seem obvious that whatever these frauds and champagne socialists say is irrelevant – they are not only untrustworthy but their political theatre is so banal, illogical, and brazenly false that it would be even better for them to say nothing at all. A man who has been handed everything to him on a silver platter, including the premiership, can have very little qualms about lying in an infantile way to everyone. He is also as stupid to genuinely believe that we will believe his banal political theatre. And he lies again by saying that he took hard decisions which hurt him. Only that he didn’t take any hard decisions because Justyne was forced to resign after an uproar in the Cabinet and not because Abela wanted to do the right thing. Abela doesn’t force people to resign. He is forced to force people to resign.

Still, he demands our respect and our absolute loyalty under the shroud of “unity” all along while his propaganda machines including the public entities used for this purpose, parrot the caustic and divisive tunes of his toxic politics. His wicked acolytes sing the same tune. Robert Musumeci who is the architect of Malta’s rampant construction and jungle rules which ruined our towns and villages, and made a killing while doing so, demands respect as well. When rent seekers and outright corrupt henchmen invoke the idea of “respect” it is because they don’t want you to insult them and call them for what they are: wicked turds of shit. Do you remember when I told Yorgen Fenech’s lawyer to kiss my ass? The Minister who paid €15,000 to her boyfriend for doing nothing was supposedly scandalized by my words and fired me to “uphold standards”. The obfuscation is here. These people know nothing about standards and integrity while insults are an effective way to call out these people for what they are: corrupt, opportunistic and rent seeking vampires who suck the wealth out of hard-working Maltese. And yes, insults against these people are effective. In fact, I don’t think that the lawyer whom I told off over Yorgen Fenech is still working for him.

So, Robert, I know you’re getting my messages through your personal assistants cos you can’t even be bothered to read anything at all. Let me give in to your idea of sharing my ideas with you and my idea is this. I don’t think that the wicked deserve any respect. Neither do champagne socialists and rent seekers like you. Did you get the message? If that wasn’t enough, here is another one for the go.

Fuck you Robert. And fuck you too Robert. Both of you.

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  1. Labour n’ghadux ‘partit ral-haddiema’ — imma “‘Consortium’ nazzjonali tal-Hbieb tal-Hbieb”.

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