A breath of fresh air. Wenzu Mintoff for Prime Minister.

A few days ago, Judge Lawrence (Wenzu) Mintoff handed down an incredible court decision. In a case over old land leases brought up by landlords to evict a farmer from their private land, Judge Mintoff has ruled against the landlords and has been quoted as saying that the State has a wide discretion to protect agriculture while dismissing the baloney real estate agent’s evaluation of the agricultural land. 

I haven’t looked at the case, yet, and I will do so during the holidays. However, what is happening right now is that there is a rush to buy agricultural land to flip it for development and speculative purposes thanks to the laws brought to you by Robert Musumeci. The government is encouraging the destruction of our last remaining agricultural plots by heavily incentivising the construction industry and allowing rampant development to go unchecked. Our government has really no respect for our lives and our futures. Our country is like the apartment block you move into which is run by a corrupt administrator and is leasing out its public spaces to criminals for hefty kickbacks.

Enter the Stanislav-Judge who has enough motivation to actually do something right. The judge invokes constitutional law to protect a strategic economic sector of the people. Compare the mentality of this judge to a prime minister who says he has to build a yacht marina in a traditional-fishing village because the Nationalist Government decided so in their policy ten years ago and more.

Judge Wenzu Mintoff gives us hope for our country. He shows that there can still be dignified men and women of integrity who take the right and just decisions for every one of us. Wenzu Mintoff has given us a perfect Christmas gift: that despite the shambles of this corrupt and incompetent government, there are still men and women out there who can turn things around.

Thank you Lawrence. Please be my Prime Minister.

Happy Christmas and happy holidays to you all!


  1. Mark – Am really enjoying your increasingly-frequent blog-posts. Some are especially good. I speak not as a dyed-in-the-wool Labourite but as someone who would be inclined to vote PN but only because they are ‘less bad’. You provide a left-of-field viewpoint that I haven’t been able to find in the English-language news media here. Please keep the posts coming. They are actually very valuable, much like A Rent Seeker’s Paradise.

    One thing, though. You claim to have sworn to be a Labourite till death do you part. I sort of understand that but am not convinced it’s the right approach. Wouldn’t the best approach be to seek out a new party, yet to be formed, that actually united the best, honest elements from red and blue? If such a party were ever formed (PD failed, very sadly) I’d be very interested in such a venture and would be more than happy to rub shoulders with you. I like the way you think. It gives me hope. Best wishes for 2022.

    • That process has already started with AD and PD consolidating – they’re actually doing miracles on utterly voluntary (without any “incentive” of getting a cushy official post), in a political scenario infested and captured by the PLPN.

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