Perjury is a crime

Lying under oath is a crime and I suppose that those who testified in front of the Commissioner of standards of Public Life had to take an oath before giving testimony.

However, what I am certain of surely and with no suppositions, is that Frank Fabri is lying. Frank is saying that when he signed the contract with Justyne Caruana’s boyfriend, he didn’t know that Bogdanovich was her boyfriend and it was just another name amongst many others. Frank is lying flagrantly and blatantly.

Frank not only knew that Bogdanovich was Justyne Caruana’s boyfriend, Frank also advised Justyne against the contract but eventually went on along with it for political convenience. As I explained in a recent post, Frank would do anything to extend his political ambitions, and ingratiating with his boss was just one of them. In Justyne’s case, Frank didn’t mind supporting her to the extent of signing knowingly and willingly a corrupt contract. But there is more.

Frank was also Justyne’s close friend and her main political consultant in the Ministry. The Ministry of Education was a shoe too big for Justyne and she didn’t even have a figment of imagination about what to do with that power other than serving her own interests. Frank was the one who was actually steering the Ministry of Education all along both in policy and in execution. In relative terms, Frank’s power in the ministry was unparalleled compared to many other permanent secretaries given that Justyne didn’t do anything at all, very much like her predecessor Owen Bonnici. And given that Frank is a Labour Party hack, Justyne trusted Frank to the extent of giving him the responsibility to cover up for her. Frank played along all the way.

I also worked with Frank when I was a government executive. Frank lied constantly and repeatedly to everyone about funds, budgets, contracts, and even little things and always played his own games. His political ambition had always been central to his work and that is why you see him campaigning on Facebook when in actual fact, permanent secretaries are expected to keep a low profile.

Meanwhile, both Frank and Justyne had enough time to tamper with evidence at the Ministry and Frank is still being kept to his post because Robert finds it too difficult to censor his political supporters in the party.

And closing off, Justyne has copied Rosianne Cutajar’s refrain and has started “a fight for her integrity”. Only in a banana republic can these assholes have the privilege to waste public resources and everyone’s time by playing stupid games in court instead of actually spending time behind bars where they actually belong.

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