A line-up of clowns

The news that the police bypassed the State-Adovcate, Chris Soler, to appeal a court’s judgment to hand down Keith Schembri’s mobile phone information to Yorgen Fenech, should come as no surprise. If the Prime Minister himself is an idiot, you should expect no high standards from his government executives. Chris Soler’s incompetence is the only reason why he is State Advocate in the first place because no competent lawyer actually applied for the low-paid post with the job description of serving a shambles of a government.

I have a funny story to tell you about Chris Soler. Soler was the University of Malta lawyer who in 2009 advised the rector, Juanito Camilleri, to report me to the police for allegedly distributing pornographic and obscene content, back then illegal. The rector was rather skeptical about the report but eventually went ahead with Soler’s advice thrusting his advisor knew what he was doing. The case became a turning point for Malta’s censorship laws, and we ended up winning the case in court. The rector, who had to face national embarrassment for this failure, was so furious that he wanted to fire Soler from his post. We were proven right eventually, and Soler’s interpretation of the criminal code was incorrect. Soler was however kept in his post because as it happens, public institutions rarely fire their incompetent officials, even though they merit it.

Soler wasn’t appointed on a partisan basis or out of nepotism, but he shares the incompetence of much other government bażużli. And before I hear the gaslight rhetoric of how offensive it is to call these people clowns, let me remind these zealous believers that these are public officials who run our public institutions and are there to serve us, and not private nobodies immune to any criticism. Take a look at the line-up of some of the clowns who are shaping your future (I couldn’t be bothered to add more):

Chris Soler
State Advocate
Qualifications and Experience:
1) Losing a national wide popular case to a 21 year old, homeless, Marxist student.
2) Being the lawyer of a low-ranking university.
3) Working in criminal law for the first time.

Jonathan Cardona
CEO of Enemalta
Qualifications and Experience:
1) Selling passports.
2) Loves the Labour Party.
3 Working in energy for the first time.



Johann Buttigieg
CEO of Malta Tourism Authority
Qualifications and Experience:
1) Yorgen Fenech’s buddy and friend.
2) Jungle rules free for all building bonanza.
3) Working in tourism for the first time.




Jason Micallef
CEO of fake cultural agencies
Qualifications and Experience:
1) Using vitriol to attack Labour Party critics.
2) Crashing the Labour Party as its Secretary General.
3) Working in the culture industry for the first time.







Mark Sammut
Public Broadcasting Services Executive Chairman
Qualifications and Experience:
1) Was involved in some direct order scandal
2) Loves the Labour Party
3) Working in broadcasting for the first time.






Mark Camilleri
Executive Chairman of the National Book Council
Qualifications and Experience:
1) He has my name so he can be pretend to be me.
2) He loves the Labour Party.
3) Working in the book industry for the first time.

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  1. I’m skeptical of the “He loves the Labour Party” part in all the above cases. It’s more a case of “jien inħobb il Joseph għax Joseph iħobb lili”.

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