He’s not sorry. He’s scared.

The last thing Owen Bonnici should be sorry about is clearing the flowers off the Great Siege monument that commemorated Daphne Caruana Galizia. He’s not sorry. He’s scared. Those who covered up for Joseph Muscat and his friends, or were involved in his shenanigans are quickly realizing that their position in history is ruined: except for Rosianne Cutrajar because maybe, she is too stupid to realize that to the extent that she is going down the rabbit hole of a libel suit which would expose her to even more historical hubris.

During the internal debates in Labour and the cabinet of ministers on the Panama Papers and the position of Konrad Mizzi and Keith Schembri, Owen Bonnici defended them apart from defending Joseph Muscat himself. Owen did this out of political convenience because it suited him. Joseph Muscat trusted him because he knew that Owen would do anything for him including covering up for Keith and Konrad through the Attorney-General, covering up for Brian Tonna, and even giving the latter contracts through the Justice Ministry. Owen did all that while other Labour ministers such as Edward Scicluna, Evarist Bartolo and Chris Fearne pressed on Joseph Muscat to fire Kieth and Konrad.

Owen gave some really contorted arguments for his decision. They are all lies. It is the bullshit of a child who has finally been caught. There was no rational reason behind removing the flowers other than it being part of the same orchestrated campaign by the Office of the Prime Minister to dehumanize and delegitmise Daphne Caruana Galizia. Owen contributed to Daphne’s delegitimisation willingly and consciously and he betrays his lies with his patronizing saviour complex “I am sorry if I hurt people”. This isn’t about hurting people. This is about a government that went to great lengths to bury Daphne’s legacy and Owen contributed to this process willingly and knowingly. We are not hurt. We are fucking furious.

Mind you, I have an axe to grind here, and I’ll grind it willingly too. I will have no shame about the way I feel with these idiots and my experience with them. Owen wants to pretend he is sorry now because the tide is turning and if he was under a Prime Minister who would tell him to think otherwise, he would. Owen is in it for himself and will say or do whatever he thinks is right at the moment to save himself. His ways never changed either. I was one of his targets when he was my boss as Education Minister but luckily he was fired from the post before he could eventually fire me.

Remember, that these idiots will do anything as long as it suits them because they are only in it for themselves. I’ll give you a recent example.

One of the last executive decisions I took as Executive Chairman of the National Book Council was to sign off a book donation to a women’s shelter. I used to sign off many different book donations and it was protocol as usual for me. I would forget about the donation as soon as I sign it and move on to more important things.

Well, what do you know? I’m no longer there now, and the ceremony of the book donation ended up being more costly than the donation itself with the two ministers present at the donation, two executives and a high-quality video made to celebrate Owen the great Saviour. The Commissioner of Standards has already elicited numerous times that public funds should not be used for propaganda, but even a couple of books are an opportunity for these idiots to stick their noses around.

These idiots have not changed. They won’t change. They are not sorry. They are scared.

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