To err once is human. To err twice is diabolical.

Lawrence Gonzi will be known in history for destroying the Nationalist Party and what is most interesting in this is that he did it in a multi-pronged manner, simultaneously and at the same time as if this destruction was driven by a willing cold, calculated and planned suicide. The Nationalists still need to come to terms with the fact that Lawrence Gonzi was so incompetent at running the country that he made Joseph Muscat look as if he was our saviour. The sooner the Nationalists admit to this, the faster they will start rebuilding their party. As of now, they are still in the stage of denial having wasted many years in this period already while Joseph Muscat looted the country.

Gonzi is know by his friends and colleagues as a generous and humble man, easy-going and fun to be with. As a politician, Gonzi was a blockhead and it is the Nationalists’ arrogant sense of elitism that made them believe their own delusion that Gonzi was the right man for the job. The more people pressed him with reasons why he was taking the wrong decisions, the more he reassured himself he was right on the mere fact that being prime minister made him more intelligent. The delusional sense of grandeur is similar to Robert Abela’s and in fact, Lawrence Gonzi got his aura of grandeur and his political career from the legacy of his family too.

Gonzi destroyed the Nationalist Party by reasserting its hard-line conservative stance, accelerated its financial meltdown with sheer incompetence, and ruined its reputation with rampant corruption and rent seeking by his ministers and government executives. Gonzi’s management of the economy was also abysmal as he left office with practically half the workforce in low paying and precarious jobs although he defends himself with the argument of the global financial crisis. The nail in the coffin was the position the Nationalist Party took after the result of the referendum on divorce which sealed the PN’s fate in how most electors view it: an archaic party of the past. People are more liberal and more progressive today and they are not going back to old mentalities, and the faster PN accepts this, the faster it will get on track on winning votes. However, the Nationalist Party seems determined to lose the next election by reasserting its outdated conservative stance once again with its aggressive stance against the partial decriminalization of marijuana.

Bernard Grech seems to have hired Chris Peregin to use him as a piece of furniture. I am sure that PN’s current aggressive stance on the marijuana legislation is not of his doing. PN could have worked this out very cleverly by allowing conservative stalwarts like Lawrence Gonzi to pander to the conservative vote with his ramblings from the Ghost of Christmas Past while taking a neutral stance officially. Now, the PN’s aggressive stance is making it look like it is still very much in tune with Lawrence Gonzi’s thoughts, automatically, triggering the thought in most electors that the PN’s position is coming out of the dustbin of history.

And to those who speak highly of Gonzi and describe him as a man of great principles, I still suggest studying your thoughts. This is a man who has come out with an aggressive political position for the first time in a very long time despite the barrage of more serious issues and challenges we face right now. Gonzi could have spent time focusing on charity and social development if he wanted to celebrate his Christianity during his retirement. He also could have tried to redeem himself by telling us of the extent of the sleaze and rent seeking which took place under his government. Instead, Lawrence Gonzi’s priority is to make sure that PN revokes the decriminalization of marijuana once it enters office once again.

I don’t know, Lawrence, but I think you may be losing it. I hope someone at HQ gave you the right call and told you to shut the fuck up.


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