This is a circus not rule of law

Yesterday, Robert Abela announced he was going to postpone firing Justyne Caruana from the cabinet of ministers until the parliamentary committee of Standards in Public Life convenes to discuss the issue. Abela said that this was part of the process of rule of law.

By now, people should have realized that Robert Abela is so stupid that he genuinely believes his own stupidity and delusions. Justyne Caruana is currently being investigated by the police along with Permanent Secretary Frank Fabri, yet Robert Abela still needs a committee to tell him that Justyne and Frank need to go. This is the equivalent of turning our public institutions into bureaucratic procedures which protect those who do wrong rather than serve the interests of the public.

The police don’t need the report of the Standards Commissioner sent to them by the Parliamentary Committee to start a criminal investigation: the investigation has already started. Robert Abela is obfuscating rule of law and bureaucratic procedures which he creates himself and clearly needs a basic lesson in modern democracy and rule of law.

In this atmosphere, our institutions are relegated to the status of a circus. The more this idiot stays in power, the more our institutions are tarnished and degraded. Even the caravan-loving village lawyer of Birżebuġġia is better than this current clown. At least, Bernard Grech showed he is serious about corruption by asking one of his PN mayors to resign from her public post on alleged conflicts of interests. Now, I’m supporting AD for the next election, as my bias and principles will never get me to vote PN, but I have a message to my many PN friends who haven’t voted PN since 2008:

come next election, put aside your petty bullshit, do your bloody duty, vote for your party and get us rid of this clown.

PS: Apparently according to Robert Abela, corruption is only bad if there is Yorgen Fenech involved in it.

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  1. Hi Mark, one question.

    Can’t your “many PN friends who haven’t voted PN since 2008” vote for AD? Or any party other than PLPN?

    It’s this attitude that leads us to having only two parties in this country.

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