Understanding Rosianne Cutajar

Head over to Rosianne Cutajar’s Instagram account and you’ll enter the world of a young influencer who is promoting holiday resorts for big brands. There is barely anything on her Instagram account which identifies her as a politician.

Give her a break man, she is just a normal person with normal thoughts and emotions just let her use her Instagram account for fuck’s sake!

Ok, then. Let’s take a deep look at her Instagram account and see what Rosianne is trying to tell us with it.

The first and immediate impression one gets from Rosianne through her Instagram account is that she has a lavish lifestyle, that she is enjoying life to the max, she loves her boyfriend dearly and can also afford nice things and enjoy beautiful holidays. Apart from the many photos that she took while on holiday, there is even a photo of a Chanel bag. Interesting. Why?

The only person in power who would have such an Instagram account is someone with very deep insecurities.

Like me, Rosianne comes from the working-class and our grand-parents suffered severe material deprivation. Our parents enjoyed the great social mobility of the 1970s and the 1980s, and we, their children, could enjoy nice things thanks to our forefather’s socialism. Rosianne is my age: the 1988 versions.

So what is the difference between Rosianne and I? Why don’t I have the same kind of fancy and lavish Instagram account? Why don’t I have the same kind of swag and glitz in my life? Life’s not fair, so it seems. I think I need more of that “God bless”.

The reality is a bit muddled. Rosianne is insecure about her position in society and needs to flaunt wealth, glitz, and glamour to emphasize that she is no longer a working class woman and she is now part of a higher social status. Rosianne needs to constantly remind us that she has made it, she is enjoying her life to the max in her newfound place in society and she is desperately trying to keep her position in society by “fighting for her integrity”. But this is why Rosianne needs to fight for her integrity and show off her social status: it’s because she has none.

Rosianne is not respected in society other than by the greasy circles she has immersed herself in, and her local demographic constituency, so Rosianne is desperate to prove herself through ill-gained wealth and a projection of a life which serves only as a facade to a bleak and mundane life of rent seeking and corruption. When you are poor and you gain your wealth illicitly, your insecurity does not stem only from class issues, imposter syndrome, and social bias, it also comes from a genuine feeling and subconscious acknowledgment of your real self: that you are a criminal and a fraud and you desperately need to hide your true self by projecting a totally different persona of yourself.

Rosianne’s rite of passage is very similar to many other political losers who lived mundane lives and then got drunk with power and status as soon as they had it, namely people like Owen Bonnici and Chris Cardona. It’s even worse than the poor person who won the lottery and can’t handle his newfound wealth because these politicians have their consciousness muddled with their bad actions and a black history.

In a way, Rosianne too was exploited by Keith Schembri. Keith knew of Rosianne’s insecurities and vulnerabilities and that is why he introduced her to Yorgen Fenech and enabled their corrupt relationship. He knew that once Rosianne was introduced into a lavish world of big money and unlimited power, she would not know how to handle herself, and controlling her would have been extremely easy.

People who aren’t insecure about their social status and wealth don’t feel the need to show off anything. They may even prefer to be discrete about it. And rich working-class people who made their wealth legally and by sheer hard work will go to extreme lengths to project themselves as the original persons that they were: simply as poor, hard-working brutes because that is actually more dignified. It’s also the difference between a poor man buying a BMW and a rich man buying a Golf.


  1. She is an image of what is known as GLAMOUR GIRL. She is as happy as long as she is in the limelight under a spotlight. Gone shall she be when the lights go off.

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