Saved by Peter Grech

My latest book and my blog are only popular insofar the people who know the truth remain silent and complacent and of these people who made my book possible is the previous Attorney-General, Peter Grech.

Peter Grech holds many answers to the cover ups and the political corruption which took place both under the Joseph Muscat administration and the previous Nationalist administrations. Constantly and regularly, Grech betrayed the State and the Maltese people by following his masters’ wishes instead of applying the law independently of them.

Today, many corrupt politicians are free only thanks to the saving grace of Peter Grech. One of these politicians is Jeffrey Pullicino. In 2008 Jeffrey was embroiled in a scandal about a permit to develop his land in Mistra into a nightclub. Back then, when Labour was in a crusade against corruption, Labour Party leader Alfred Sant accused Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando that he was using his political contacts and influence to speed up the approvals of his permit.

Right before the 2008 election, the police started an investigation on the claims over Jeffrey’s Mistra permit and eventually even built up a case against him. The police were all fired up and ready to take Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando to court until the Attorney-General, Peter Grech intervened and gave legal advice against prosecuting Jeffrey.

Had the police prosecuted Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando over the Mistra scandal, Labour would have had a much bigger chance of winning that heavily contested election – the PN won by not more than 2000 votes.

Today, Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando is paraded by the Labour Party as one of its stalwarts while Jeffrey constantly invokes the fact that his uncle was Ġużè Orlando, so as to make sure to add some credibility to his opportunistic political switch. Sure, Jeffrey, probably your uncle would have been on the side of those who wanted to see you hauled to court.

Also, do you remember Jeffrey’s tears on the Fosos? I do. It was very entertaining. I wonder how much more he would be crying if he was really hauled to court by the police.


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