Welcome to Idiocracy

The shocking news that Electrogas was to get paid over the new gas interconnector with Sicily has been met with stark indifference by our political class. Despite the fact that the most important director and shareholder of the Electrogas consortium was dragged to court over murder charges of Malta’s most important writer and journalist, and despite the fact that the Electrogas deal has been proved to be one of the greatest corrupt scams in our recorded political history, Robert Abela is choosing to honour Government’s contractual obligations with Electrogas. Prosit Ministru!

The government is not contesting the Electrogas deal despite being mired in corruption, and neither is the government trying to recoup some of the money which has been lost to corruption with this deal. One would assume that a government would be interested to recoup the corrupt proceeds which were stolen from it, but apparently, this is not an issue in Malta where corruption is being normalized and our energy sector is run by ONE journalists.

A government is supposedly there to take decisions in the interest of its people. We, on the other hand, have a government that is not intellectually or politically motivated to recoup profits lost to corruption. In their role of pawn-shop dealers, the best these idiots can do is to invoke the letter of the law to keep corrupt deals and run our energy sector by incompetent ONE journalists.

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