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In my latest book, I give a detailed explanation of how many Labour voters view the Labour Party. Given that the Labour Party has an organic institutional standing in society that addresses the social and economic needs of its constituents both on a micro and macro level, it serves more as an institution in itself rather than as exclusively a political party.

With this kind of strength and influence, the Labour Party has the privilege of propping up anyone on its horse and for many of its constituents whose, loyalty to their main institution in life is uncompromising and dogmatic that may very well be good enough irrespective of who it is. This is why mercenaries like Karl Stagno Navarra and Jefferey Pullicino Orlando, could easily jump on the Labour gravy train after having served long careers fighting it within the ranks of the Nationalist Party. The prevailing mentality of dogmatism within the ranks of the Labour Party has enabled many previous Nationalist dropouts to find a new home in Labour despite joining it with brazen financial and economic interests. For many Labour officials, it is an acceptable and normal practice to reward these newfound militants by government contracts and jobs to constantly buy their loyalty.

One of the full-time rent seekers and Nationalist drop outs who jumped on the Labour gravy train is Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando. Jeffrey is one of Labour’s favorite props because his criticism to the Nationalist Party makes it sound like it is coming from someone who genuinely wants the Nationalist Party to be better when in actual fact this is a man who is consistently doing politics to serve his own interests. So much so that Jeffrey also made use of his membership with the masonic Grand Lodge of Malta to enable his political career and business interests. In 2013, being a member of a masonic lodge and being part of the Labour apparatus was a double-whammy of networking and exclusive insider information however, his membership with the masonic lodge was terminated after 2016 in an exercise of de-risking as some politically exposed persons were asked to leave.

As soon as I launched my book, the troll farm run by the Office of the Prime Minister flooded the MaltaToday and Times of Malta message boards with comments deligimitising my book and praising Jeffrey’s recently published autobiography. Jeffrey is, of course, promoting the narrative that Joseph Muscat is all holy and innocent and he was deceived by his mates. The trolls’ idea floundered very quickly as it soon came to their realization that no one was interested in what Jeffrey had to say, and the trolling campaign had to be abandoned. But all is not lost for Labour’s hope to turn Jeffrey into their newfound man of intellectual reason. Yesterday, Jeffrey was quoted by LovinMalta for claiming on ONE that the Nationalist Party could not attract the youth with its conservative policy. 

Jeffrey was a close supporter of Robert Abela’s Labour Party leadership bid. You can come to your logical conclusions why this was so. Not only was it his joy to pettily get back at Carmen Ciantar who is a close aide to Chris Fearne, but Jeffrey also wants to return the favours that Joseph Muscat bestowed upon him. One of the first meetings that Robert Abela held as Prime Minister was with Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando.

The message within Labour is very clear. Your unbridled loyalty to your masters will get you ahead in the Labour Party and in the Government apparatus even if your specialization is merely pulling teeth and injecting botox.

As for Jeffrey’s advice to PN. Ok, boomer.

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