Why is Carol Peralta Konrad Mizzi’s lawyer?

Previously, I penned a blog post outlining the backstory to Konrad Mizzi’s Asperger’s syndrome and being victimised by Keith Schembri. This is just one aspect of Konrad Mizzi’s story. When Keith Schembri and Joseph Muscat convinced Konrad Mizzi to join them in designing a corrupt deal and hide their illegal proceeds in offshore companies and bank accounts, a world of limitless possibilities opened up to him. After having lived a life of irrelevance, Konrad felt excessively important, powerful, and invincible in his ministerial position. It was a world of fame and power he had never known before and he enjoyed it so much that he lost his self-awareness about it. His world of limitless power became his new way of life and he started believing Joseph Muscat’s script to the extent to become totally immersed in it. Konrad built a world around him of smoke and mirrors and eventually, even began his own tiny corrupt operations by handing out a large number of corrupt contracts through the Malta Tourism Authority through officials who are still employed there.

Konrad knows that his dirt is extensive even though he genuinely believes he did nothing wrong because his corruption is supposedly incomparable to the Nationalists and also because he thinks that the Maltese people still got a better deal out of it. Corrupt politicians will most often look for the Saul Goodman type of lawyer and here in Malta we have our own Saul-village versions. Carol Peralta, the infamous freemason and previous judge is Konrad Mizzi’s lawyer. If you are currently following the saga of the Stagno Navarra clan’s claim to large swathes of land in Gozo, you may know Carol Peralta as the magistrate who in very dubious circumstances signed off a document that recognised Richard Stagno Navarra as a rightful heir to the Stagno Navarra’s foundation and its estate which kickstarted the whole saga. 

Carol Peralta even tried to introduce Konrad Mizzi to a freemason lodge but Mizzi’s membership was rejected by higher freemasonry officials. Recently, some local freemasonry lodges have also started purging their politically exposed members from their ranks in order not to end up in the limelight.

When Labour entered office in 2013, there was a sudden rush of new Labourites joining freemasonry lodges. Some of these lifetime socialists saw an opportunity in the Labour government to advance their lives and careers and joining a freemasonry lodge facilitated this process. They dropped their socialist philosophies, bought sports cars, took lucrative government jobs and became freemasons. Some of these people used to be my friends and I had refused to join when offered because as a principle, I don’t join cock-only clubs. Please send me where there are women.

Joking apart (although it’s not really a joke), I’m not a rent seeker so I would never join a secret society whose only role in society is mainly to build connections for rent seeking. As of 2013 Labour built up a very comfortable relationship with freemasonry lodges and this was viewed as normal and harmless practice. However secret clubs have always played a role in the rent seeking regime of this country, small or big, relative to time and history.

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