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A breath of fresh air. Wenzu Mintoff for Prime Minister.

A few days ago, Judge Lawrence (Wenzu) Mintoff handed down an incredible court decision. In a case over old land leases brought up by landlords to evict a farmer from their private land, Judge Mintoff has ruled against the landlords and has been quoted as saying that the State has a wide discretion to protect agriculture while dismissing the baloney real estate agent’s evaluation of the agricultural land. 

I haven’t looked at the case, yet, and I will do so during the holidays. However, what is happening right now is that there is a rush to buy agricultural land to flip it for development and speculative purposes thanks to the laws brought to you by Robert Musumeci. The government is encouraging the destruction of our last remaining agricultural plots by heavily incentivising the construction industry and allowing rampant development to go unchecked. Our government has really no respect for our lives and our futures. Our country is like the apartment block you move into which is run by a corrupt administrator and is leasing out its public spaces to criminals for hefty kickbacks.

Enter the Stanislav-Judge who has enough motivation to actually do something right. The judge invokes constitutional law to protect a strategic economic sector of the people. Compare the mentality of this judge to a prime minister who says he has to build a yacht marina in a traditional-fishing village because the Nationalist Government decided so in their policy ten years ago and more.

Judge Wenzu Mintoff gives us hope for our country. He shows that there can still be dignified men and women of integrity who take the right and just decisions for every one of us. Wenzu Mintoff has given us a perfect Christmas gift: that despite the shambles of this corrupt and incompetent government, there are still men and women out there who can turn things around.

Thank you Lawrence. Please be my Prime Minister.

Happy Christmas and happy holidays to you all!

Gemini to stop serving Maltese clients

One of the biggest crypto exchanges and brokers in the world, Gemini is going to stop offering services to Maltese clients.

Meanwhile, your Economy Minister, Silvio Schembri is on a skiing holiday.

No crypto for you if you are in Malta. If you are a Tether whale you can check in at Bank of Valletta.

Prosit Ministru!

What a shambles of a government. The sooner these idiots leave office, the faster we can get our normal lives back.

The Tether whale at BOV

Last Sunday I shared the news about a Tether whale in the form of a SICAV held at BOV based on the very detailed and researched investigation of the Tether papers published by Protos. Upon further research, it seems that Heka is an arbitrage fund listed at £200 million, and thanks to the data provided by Protos, at a first glance of the wallet transactions, Heka bought in total $1.5 billion in Tether in what seems to be an arbitrage trading operation between different exchanges sending most of this Tether to Bitfinex and Binance wallets.

Data provided by Protos shows that Heka bought $1.5 billion in Tether.

It is interesting to know that BOV is holding a Tether whale in its books whilst it made, along these years, great efforts to distance itself from the crypto industry to assertively show no relationship with it whatsoever. Our local financial regulator, the MFSA, has never told Maltese banks to put restrictions on retail clients with regard to crypto. BOV has been tough on crypto simply because it does not want to be associated with the crypto market. Yet, this policy of BOV is inconsistent with the fact that it is holding in its books a crypto fund that holds some significant importance in the crypto market.

Currency arbitrage is a common trading practice by funds and traders, but I am still not convinced that Tether’s arbitrage opportunities come exclusively from what arbitrage traders call “market inefficiencies” given that in theory, the price of Tether may actually go down if market participants lose their trust in Tether. This means that arbitraging Tether is a bet on Tether itself. It’s a kind of bet that works until something goes wrong with Tether. What is also particularly interesting is that big institutions and funds arbitrating Tether also contribute to its price stability. One can argue that the market is so big that anyone would come in and take the opportunity of the trade, but the fact remains that a fund buying so much Tether does serve a significant role to keep its price up.

No one cares if investors want to make or lose money out of this, but BOV should come clean on its policy with regards to crypto and start being more consistent. If it is holding Tether whales in its books, BOV can not come out and say that they have no relationship whatsoever to the crypto market. They are serving a fund which in a small but important way serves as a price stabiliser of a stable coin which is important for the liquidity of the crypto market. The least BOV could do is stop beating about the bush and draw up a professional and serious position on the crypto currencies. Crypto is here to stay whether you like it or not.


Perjury is a crime

Lying under oath is a crime and I suppose that those who testified in front of the Commissioner of standards of Public Life had to take an oath before giving testimony.

However, what I am certain of surely and with no suppositions, is that Frank Fabri is lying. Frank is saying that when he signed the contract with Justyne Caruana’s boyfriend, he didn’t know that Bogdanovich was her boyfriend and it was just another name amongst many others. Frank is lying flagrantly and blatantly.

Frank not only knew that Bogdanovich was Justyne Caruana’s boyfriend, Frank also advised Justyne against the contract but eventually went on along with it for political convenience. As I explained in a recent post, Frank would do anything to extend his political ambitions, and ingratiating with his boss was just one of them. In Justyne’s case, Frank didn’t mind supporting her to the extent of signing knowingly and willingly a corrupt contract. But there is more.

Frank was also Justyne’s close friend and her main political consultant in the Ministry. The Ministry of Education was a shoe too big for Justyne and she didn’t even have a figment of imagination about what to do with that power other than serving her own interests. Frank was the one who was actually steering the Ministry of Education all along both in policy and in execution. In relative terms, Frank’s power in the ministry was unparalleled compared to many other permanent secretaries given that Justyne didn’t do anything at all, very much like her predecessor Owen Bonnici. And given that Frank is a Labour Party hack, Justyne trusted Frank to the extent of giving him the responsibility to cover up for her. Frank played along all the way.

I also worked with Frank when I was a government executive. Frank lied constantly and repeatedly to everyone about funds, budgets, contracts, and even little things and always played his own games. His political ambition had always been central to his work and that is why you see him campaigning on Facebook when in actual fact, permanent secretaries are expected to keep a low profile.

Meanwhile, both Frank and Justyne had enough time to tamper with evidence at the Ministry and Frank is still being kept to his post because Robert finds it too difficult to censor his political supporters in the party.

And closing off, Justyne has copied Rosianne Cutajar’s refrain and has started “a fight for her integrity”. Only in a banana republic can these assholes have the privilege to waste public resources and everyone’s time by playing stupid games in court instead of actually spending time behind bars where they actually belong.

Elezzjonijiet Kunsill Nazzjonali tal-Ktieb

Għeżież ħbieb, kittieba  pbblikaturi

Illum ser naqsam magħkom il-pożizzjoni uffiċjali tiegħi fuq il-Kunsill Nazzjonali tal-Ktieb liema hi l-istess pożizzjoni li ħa nressaq fil-Kungress Nazzjonali tal-Ktieb li jmiss. Din il-pożizzjoni qed issir f’forma ta’ protest ġudizzjarju li eventwalment ħa jiżvilluppa f’każ il-qorti wkoll.

Ċarament, il-ligi tal-Kunsill tal-Ktieb tistipula li l-Gvern irid jirrispetta d-deċiżjonijiet tal-awturi fil-Kungress Nazzjonali tal-Ktieb. Id-deċizjoni tal-awturi fl-aħħar Kungress Nazzjonali tal-Ktieb kienet li l-Kunsill Nazzjonali tal-Ktieb jiġi elett b’mod demokratiku. Din id-deċiżoni ttieħdet b’kunsens unanimu.

Kif qed nispjega hawn hekk stess b’mod dettaljat, il-Ministru Justyne Caruana u s-Segretarju Permanenti tagħha Frank Fabri kisru l-ligi tal-Kunsill tal-Ktieb meta ħatru l-Kunsill mingħajr ebda konsiderazzjoni ta xejn għad-deċiżjoni li ħadu l-kittieba fil-Kungress Nazzjonali tal-Ktieb.

B’hekk, jien qed nitlob lill-Kap Eżekuttiv il-gdid tal-Kunsill Nazzjonali tal-Ktieb sabiex jirriżenja, flimkien mal-membri l-oħra tal-Kunsill, u jibdew diskussjonijiet bejn l-istakeholders tal-Kunsill kif stiupat bil-liġi, sabiex jinħoloq Kunsill interim u tissejjaħ elezzjoni.

Grazzi u tislijiet

Mark Camilleri
Kittieb u Pubblikatur
Eks-Kap Ezekuttiv tal-Kunsill Nazzjonali tal-Ktieb


Fil-Prim’Awla tal-Qorti Ċivili

Mark Camilleri (K.I. 88088M)


Il-Kunsill Nazzjonali tal-Ktieb


Il-Ministru tal-Edukazzjoni


Il-Prim Ministru

Protest Ġudizzjarju ta’ Mark Camilleri, detentur tal-karta tal-identita’ bin-numru 880088M;

Jesponi bir-rispett:

Illi l-protestant huwa awtur u pubblikatur ai termini tal-artikolu 2 tal-Liġi Sussidjarja 605.12 (vide “Dok. A”) u inoltre huwa wkoll l-eks-president eżekuttiv tal-entita’ protestata, il-Kunsill Nazzjonali tal-Ktieb.

Illi l-protestant jagħmel referenza għar-regolamenti 6(c), 6(g) u 6(h) tal-Liġi Sussidjarja 605.12 li jistipulaw b’mod univoku illi, il-funzjonijiet u d-dmirijiet1 tal-Kunsill Nazzjonali tal-Ktieb jinkludu inter alia, l-organizzar ta’ żewġ laqgħat annwali ta’ konsultazzjoni pubblika ma’ awturi u pubblikaturi, li jikkunsidra u jiddeċiedi dwar talbiet mressqa milll-istess awturi u pubblikaturi u fuq kollox; li jsostni u jassisti awturi u pubblikaturi billi jirrakkomanda miżuri għal u jipproteġi l-interessi tagħhom fuq livell ta’ politika statali;

Illi di piu’, il-protestant jagħmel referenza wkoll għall-fatt illi skond r-regolament 4(1) tal-Liġi Sussidjarja 605.12, l-entita’ protestata għandha tkun waħda awtonoma2 u li tħares l-interessi tal-awturi u tal-pubblikaturi;

Illi in linea mas-surreferit, il-protestant – fil-kapaċita’ tiegħu bħala l-president eżekuttiv tal-Kunsill Nazzjonali tal-Ktieb – kien ppreżenta abbozz għal tibdil fil-Liġi Sussidjarja 605.12 lill-Ministru tal-Edukazzjoni, l-Onor. Justyne Caruana (vide “Dok. A”) u dan wara li saret talba f’dan ir-rigward minn maġġoranza assoluta tal-awturi u pubblikaturi waqt waħda mill-laqgħat annwali organizzata mill-Kunsill Nazzjonali tal-Ktieb ai termini tar-regolament 6(g) tal-Liġi Sussidjarja 605.12 – liema laqgħa seħħet nhar d-disgħa w għoxrin (29) ta’ Mejju tas-sena elfejn u wieħed u għoxrin (2021) (vide “Dok. B”);

Illi l-abbozz in kwistjoni kien wieħed intiż sabiex jassigura illi l-bord tal-Kunsill Nazzjonali tal-Ktieb ikun inter alia iktar awtonomu – u b’hekk neċessarjament nieqes minn indħil partiġġjan – u li jkun fuq kollox rappreżentattiv u jgawdi l-fiduċja tal-istakeholders tiegħu, – inkluż bl-appuntar tiegħu permezz ta’ elezzjonijiet ħielsa li fihom jivvutaw l-imsemmija stakeholders – minflok kif inhu appuntat bħalissa u ċioe’ bid-diskrezzjoni assoluta tal-protestanti l-Ministru tal-Edukazzjoni u l-Prim Ministru;

Illi minkejja dan kollu, l-protestanta Ministru tal-Edukazzjoni injorat kompletament t-talbiet tal-istakeholders in kwistjoni, kif mressqa mill-protestant, u minflok użat d-diskrezzjoni akkordat lilha permezz tal-Liġi Sussidjarja 605.12 sabiex tippromwovi interessi li huma purament u esklussivament partiġġjani minflok ma ħarset l-interessi tal-istakeholders relevanti u ċioe’ l-awturi u tal-pubblikaturi – u b’hekk ttrasgredixxiet l-obbligu li l-bord tal-Kunsill Nazzjonali tal-Ktieb ikun wieħed awtonomu u ħieles minn indħil partiġġjan;

Illi di piu’, l-imsemmija protestanti, l-Ministru tal-Edukazzjoni u l-Prim Ministru, bl-injorar tar-rakkommandazzjonijiet tal-istakeholders in kwistjoni, naqsu milli jsostnu w jipproteġu l-interessi tal-awturi u l-pubblikaturi fuq livell ta’ politika statali – u għażlu minflok li jsostnu u jipproteġu l-interessi partiġġjani tal-Partit Laburista;

Illi ugwalment, l-bord attwali tal-entita’ protestata l-Kunsill Nazzjonali tal-Ktieb, ma ħa ebda azzjoni sabiex jattwa r-rakkomandazzjoni surreferita mressqa lill-bord predeċessur mill-awturi u l-pubblikaturi – li jibqa’ validu – u għażel minflok illi jħares u jipproteġi interessi esklussivament partiġġjani tal-politikanti li ħatruh;

Illi di piu’ l-istess bord tal-entita’ protestata l-Kunsill Nazzjonali tal-Ktieb, huwa wieħed illeġittimu – in kwantu l-membri tiegħu ma inħatrux skond ir-rieda u r-rakkomandazzjonijiet mressqa mill-istakeholders fil-laqgħa seħħet nhar d-disgħa w għoxrin (29) ta’ Mejju tas-sena elfejn u wieħed u għoxrin (2021);

Illi għalhekk l-aġir tal-protestati huwa wieħed abbużiv u jikser id-drittijiet tal-protestant bħala awtur u pubblikatur, kif spjegat;

Illi dan l-aġir abbużiv tal-protestati ħoloq u qed ikompli joħloq preġudizzju serju lill-protestant, b’konsegwenza ta’ liema qiegħed isofri danni;

Għaldaqstant l-protestant, filwaqt li jġib dan kollu a formali konjizzjoni tal-protestati, u filwaqt li jipprotesta kontra dan l-aġir abbużiv tagħhom, qed jinterpellahom sabiex jiddeżistu mill-aġir abbużiv u qed ipoġġihom in dolo, moro et culpa għall-finijiet u effetti kollha tal-liġi u qed iżommhom responsabbli għad-danni kollha li sofra, li qiegħed issofri u li għad jista’ jsofri.

Dan il-protest ġudizzjarju qiegħed jintbagħat inter alia ai termini tal-artiklu 2128 tal-Kodiċi Ċivili (Kap.16 tal-Liġijiet ta’ Malta) u ai termini tal-artiklu 891 tal-Kodiċi ta’ Organizzazjoni u Proċedura Ċivili (Kap.12 tal-Liġijiet ta’ Malta) .

Tant sabiex tagħrfu timxu u tidderieġu ruħkom.

________________________ ________________________
Av. Joseph Mizzi Av. Timothy Spiteri

Muscat Mizzi Advocates

52, Triq l-Ifran, Valletta

1 Enfasi miżjuda

2 Enfasi miżjuda




A line-up of clowns

The news that the police bypassed the State-Adovcate, Chris Soler, to appeal a court’s judgment to hand down Keith Schembri’s mobile phone information to Yorgen Fenech, should come as no surprise. If the Prime Minister himself is an idiot, you should expect no high standards from his government executives. Chris Soler’s incompetence is the only reason why he is State Advocate in the first place because no competent lawyer actually applied for the low-paid post with the job description of serving a shambles of a government.

I have a funny story to tell you about Chris Soler. Soler was the University of Malta lawyer who in 2009 advised the rector, Juanito Camilleri, to report me to the police for allegedly distributing pornographic and obscene content, back then illegal. The rector was rather skeptical about the report but eventually went ahead with Soler’s advice thrusting his advisor knew what he was doing. The case became a turning point for Malta’s censorship laws, and we ended up winning the case in court. The rector, who had to face national embarrassment for this failure, was so furious that he wanted to fire Soler from his post. We were proven right eventually, and Soler’s interpretation of the criminal code was incorrect. Soler was however kept in his post because as it happens, public institutions rarely fire their incompetent officials, even though they merit it.

Soler wasn’t appointed on a partisan basis or out of nepotism, but he shares the incompetence of much other government bażużli. And before I hear the gaslight rhetoric of how offensive it is to call these people clowns, let me remind these zealous believers that these are public officials who run our public institutions and are there to serve us, and not private nobodies immune to any criticism. Take a look at the line-up of some of the clowns who are shaping your future (I couldn’t be bothered to add more):

Chris Soler
State Advocate
Qualifications and Experience:
1) Losing a national wide popular case to a 21 year old, homeless, Marxist student.
2) Being the lawyer of a low-ranking university.
3) Working in criminal law for the first time.

Jonathan Cardona
CEO of Enemalta
Qualifications and Experience:
1) Selling passports.
2) Loves the Labour Party.
3 Working in energy for the first time.



Johann Buttigieg
CEO of Malta Tourism Authority
Qualifications and Experience:
1) Yorgen Fenech’s buddy and friend.
2) Jungle rules free for all building bonanza.
3) Working in tourism for the first time.




Jason Micallef
CEO of fake cultural agencies
Qualifications and Experience:
1) Using vitriol to attack Labour Party critics.
2) Crashing the Labour Party as its Secretary General.
3) Working in the culture industry for the first time.







Mark Sammut
Public Broadcasting Services Executive Chairman
Qualifications and Experience:
1) Was involved in some direct order scandal
2) Loves the Labour Party
3) Working in broadcasting for the first time.






Mark Camilleri
Executive Chairman of the National Book Council
Qualifications and Experience:
1) He has my name so he can be pretend to be me.
2) He loves the Labour Party.
3) Working in the book industry for the first time.