Destroying the Labour Party: slowly and then all of a sudden

Not even 100,000 more votes would ever justify this shambolic and autocratic government. This is the way we used to feel under successive Nationalist Party government administrations and the feeling today is only stronger.

I can explain why a previous government official and now government lawyer, Anthony Degiovanni feels the need to go on a radio programme and publicly blame Daphne’s murder on her son. Degiovanni is what in Maltese we call a bużużlu: someone who is given government jobs and public contracts not for his skills and contributions but out of political favor, nepotism, or for political ends. Calling him an apparatchik would be too generous because he isn’t capable of much. His role is simply to be a full-time cheerleader to the party in the government. There are many others like him and you can see these bażużli regularly commenting on Facebook supporting their respective ministers while recycling the propaganda issued by the OPM through the Labour Party TV station, ONE. Degiovanni is more of an insider having been a bażużlu for many years now. He is also the Chairman of the Labour Party’s publishing arm Sensiela Kotba Soċjalisti (SKS) with his only contribution to the committee being the siphoning of money earned from our books to ONE.

One of the ways that Eddie Fenech Adami slowly destroyed the Nationalist Party while it was celebrating successive victories at the polls was by filling the Nationalist Party front lines and government entities with total idiots whose only ability was to cheerlead. Today, the Nationalist Party pays a heavy price as the many old idiots who are still in its front lines don’t have the intellectual rigour to address the surmounting crisis their party is in.

At the same time that Robert Abela is plundering the public coffers to buy out his election victory and turning our hometowns into yacht marinas, Abela is piling up the Labour Party’s front lines and government entities with his useful idiots. Labour is heading for elections with an assortment of new candidates which include Nationalist Party dropouts, and yet even more ONE propagandists. The latest appointment to the state’s energy agency Enemalta for the position of CEO is the previous head of Mata’s passport for cash scheme and someone who has never seen a natural gas price chart before being appointed to his new post.

Abela’s self-interested political drive will lead the Labour Party to a similar fate to that of the Nationalist Party. When its political cycle starts to ebb and the wave comes crashing down, it is going to be the rabble of idiots who will be left to collect the pieces.

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