A new Benny Hill episode featuring the Speaker of the House

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Anġlu Farrugia was one of the ex-Labour Party officials who complained to the State’s Daphne Caruana Gaizia Public Inquiry about the Labour Party being hijacked by rent seeking politicians and corrupt businessmen.

It was refreshing to see previous Labour stalwarts decry the decadence which Joseph Muscat brought upon the Labour Party, but words will have very little weight in history when they are not matched with actions, more so when they are matched with actions that contradict said words.

Anġlu Farrugia had an opportunity to show no tolerance for corruption after Rosianne Cutajar was reprimanded by the Committee for Parliamentary Standards in Public Life for failing to declare her cash bribe given to her by Yorgen Fenech. Instead, Anġu Farrugia chose to act like a total coward by sending Rosianne a formal letter notifying her of the committee’s decision. In response to Anġlu Farrugia’s failure to act sternly in the face of unbridled corruption, Matthew Caruana Galizia has asked for his resignation.

Farrugia replied to Matthew through the greasy lawyer Ian Refalo who has been a regular fixture in Joseph Muscat’s rent seeking regime by taking multiple contracts from various ministries and positions and also defending its casualties. Farrugia’s reply is not worth the time reading it, but here it is for the sake of posterity.

Following this exchange, the personal assistant of the Anġlu Farrugia and his wife turn to Facebook to insult Matthew Caruana Galizia with some semi-literate comments good enough for the banality of evil.

The Speaker of the House, and his relatives supporting him on Facebook are telling us in clear terms that they don’t understand the extent of the collapse of rule of law, neither do they understand the meaning of the word gravitas in a delicate situation when it should be applied to the maximum.

We are in the Benny Hill period of our political stage. An autocratic populism where those who are supposed to uphold the standards of life contribute to its deterioration by their banality and evil.

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  1. It is incredibly refreshing to see a committed Labour supporter calling out the foul behaviour of our government. Mark Camilleri is clearly telling the truth. I’m not a Nationalist. I’m the equivalent of a British Liberal. I realise Mark is quite a lot further to the left than me. But I so admire his honesty. At least some people have the guts to tell it as it is.

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