Champion of people with disabilities – but not when it hurts Dear Leader

Oliver Scicluna

The Labour government is abusing many good causes in order to divert the public’s attention from the structural issues which need addressing, namely, the destruction of our islands with Robert Musumeci’s planning policies, rampant impunity over corruption in politics, an economic recession, the exponential erosion of the quality of life, the exclusion of young generations from the property market and much more….

Throwing in some good causes in the mix makes this government looks more useful than it actually is in reality.

But the theatre of this hilarious government lead by the dumbest prime minister ever is very often revealed by its own failures and incompetence.

One of my latest disappointments is Oliver Scicluna who Robert Abela appointed to parliament, naturally to show us how supportive he is of the disability sector. Oliver made a name for himself by successfully leading the Commission for People with Disabilities, and now he makes a name for himself by being just another useless fool.

I know that Oliver is reading this, so I will address him directly in the third person. Oliver, spare us your grandiose, tear-jerking, and emotional speeches in parliament. If you want to be the champion of people with disabilities, and this should include even those who have mental disabilities  (or conditions), you were to take a position and speak out when you had a guy hauled right in front of you kicking and screaming his Asperger’s syndrome all over the place. When you were at the Public Accounts Committee and Konrad Mizzi was throwing a fit you knew very well that Konrad is failing to extrapolate himself out of the L-Aqwa Żmien mentality Joseph Muscat immersed him in. However, you didn’t intervene when the obscene act happened right in front of your eyes because you are not really the champion of people of disabilities, are you? You are just Robert Abela’s little puppet and your role is only to make Dear Leader happy with your token presence and contribution. Mind you, Oliver, just because you have a disability, it doesn’t mean you are to stick to issues on people with disabilities, even if this is what probably Robert Abela expects from you.

Konrad Mizzi has Asperger’s syndrome and his mental condition is coming out strongly while being placed under strong pressure. He is no longer rational and he is getting hysterical, failing to realize that he is in a completely different reality from the one he was in during Joseph Msucat’s administration. To put it mildly, Konrad Mizzi is breaking down and needs professional help. I also know that he needs professional help in order to extrapolate himself from the previous reality because due to his condition, Konrad may be unable to show empathy when it is most needed. He is also emotionally immature. Daphne’s murder had triggered many people off but Konrad didn’t have this experience and therefore didn’t experience that shattering historical event that broke his reality, and this is why he needs professional help in order for him to understand the new reality he is in.

Konrad Mizzi is a classical case where a person with mental disabilities (or conditions, depends on how you look at them) has his vulnerabilities exploited by predators to commit serious crimes. I am not justifying Konrad Mizzi’s criminal actions and corruption. Mizzi should be tried and prosecuted for all his crimes, but one should do so clearly with this fact in mind: Konrad Mizzi was severely abused. It was not his idea to open up the shell companies abroad – it was Keith Schembri’s. Joseph and Keith roped Konrad in in their corrupt conspiracies and felt comfortable exploiting him.

The fact that Oliver isn’t even capable of speaking about this when this is happening in front of his own eyes makes him nothing more but useless. Just another politician to do theatre and tricks.

Prosit ministru.

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