Hiding behind feminism

My dog is constantly soliciting my direct attention and food. I have to regulate the amount of food my dog takes since it doesn’t conceive of any limits to how much it can digest, and of course, I don’t reciprocate to every damn request my dog makes, even though I love it very much.

Rosianne Cutajar’s legacy: the Banana Festival of Qormi.

It is probably in this way that Yorgen Fenech regarded Edward Żammit Lewis and Rosianne Cutajar as they ingratiated before him for gifts, favours and potentially, also jobs. What was Edward Żammit Lewis thinking? CEO of Tumas Group after getting the boot from cabinet due to his stupendous incompetence? “I eat politics breakfast”. More like “I eat Joseph’s rejection for breakfast.”

All the corrupt actors of the previous Joseph Muscat administration are hiding behind good causes: in Rosianne’s case, it is feminism. There is, however, no amount of feminism that will change the history and past political actions of Rosianne’s which are the equivalent of the actions of a dumb little pig, to put it mildly. Even Hitler was vegetarian so who gives a fuck what Rosianne thinks about women issues? Local feminists ignore her while trying to avoid her as best they could. The press picks up her quotes cos she was involved in so much scandal that people read whatever she says, even if it’s totally dumb.

Żammit Lewis of Joseph, Friends and Co. fame claimed that Rosianne Cutajar paid the ultimate political price for her behaviour.  She paid jack. As of now, Rosianne Cutajajar’s legacy is her contribution to the mafia state and the Banana Festival of Qormi: subsidised by our taxes. If anything, Rosianne has a huge debt to pay back to the state. She is also a disgrace to feminism and most feminists think so too. Propping her up on Labour’s electoral house would be a display of shameless corrupt behaviour and impunity.

You don’t fight for your integrity. You either have it, or you don’t.


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