The Rent Seeking King

Given all the trouble he is in, you would expect Joseph Muscat to hide and take cover instead of going on the offensive while exposing himself by giving more interviews. The guy has messed up so much that he is no longer in control of the mess he is created and in his desperate act to defend himself, he keeps digging his hole deeper. Joseph Muscat’s latest act of self-flagellation was to tell Times of Malta editor, Herman Grech that he didn’t receive any payments from contractors who had signed large contracts under his administration. Times of Malta belied him by publishing proof that Muscat received payment from Steward Healthcare, the America company which took over three of Malta’s general hospitals.  Steward is the company that took over these hospitals from Vitals Global Healthcare who originally bought them in a corrupt deal negotiated by Keith Schembri and Konrad Mizzi.

Muscat has also rattled his sabre by hinting at a possible return to politics and this prospect is more possible than people may think. Other than escaping to a country that has no extradition agreement with Malta, Muscat’s only option to defend himself from a potential cascade of legal cases on his corrupt acts is to get back into politics. Our own little Berlusconi – evading justice behind the cover of his political supporters. There’s also the bigger factor which makes it all gross. Apparently, Muscat still thinks that he can easily shrug off the accusations that he was involved in the cover-up of the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia, and potentially even in the murder himself. One of the arguments I make in my latest book A Rent Seeker’s Paradise  is that if Yorgen Fenech was the mastermind of the murder, he could not have executed such a high profile murder by himself and without the backing of his corrupt business partners. Muscat still wants us to believe that he was not aware that his best buddy and chief of staff conspired with Yorgen Fenech in corrupt deals that may have been the object cause of the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia. Muscat wants to push the narrative that he is a walking saint who was unfortunately and unwittingly surrounded by criminals that muddled his reputation. It is Robert Abela himself who first sold this narrative to Labour supporters by introducing himself to the top-level of the political game by announcing in a pitiful and devious manner “Dak il-kurnut ħxiek”. Sure. I wonder who is the real kurnut in this story.

Has Keith Schembri woken up from his sick slumber? Maybe he can tell us what he thinks about his best-buddy throwing him under history’s bus. Beware the University’s pro-rector Carmen Sammut though, if you try and dig about the story of Keith Schembri’s illness. She may get angry with you and throw a fit on Facebook over Data protection and the ethics of privacy.

This is the chat log between Keith Schembri and Yorgen Fenech just before Yorgen tried to flee the country.

YF: thallunix wadi mudir, tuni support 19/11/2019 (09.38.15)

KS: Qed intik habib, imma trid kun aggressiv u iggieled 19/11/2019 (09.38.38)

KS: Schembri sends YF a MaltaToday article about Theuma being pardoned. 19/11/2019 (09.52.28)

YF: Tghid ahjar nitlaq? 19/11/2019 (09.52.51)

KS: Jew wahda jew l-ohra 19/11/2019 (09.53.14)

YF: L-ohra x’ser nghid? Ahjar ikolli ftit zmien ha niehu parir? 19/11/2019 (09.54.04)

YF: Dawn ilium jig? 19/11/2019 (09.54.21)

KS: Leeeeeee 19/11/2019 (09.55.14)

KS: Ghadek tahseb Giannella? 19/11/2019 (09.55.14)

YF: mhux hi best option 19/11/2019 (09.55.14)

KS: Hekk nahseb. Taccetta? 19/11/2019 (09.55.35)

YF: Ma nafx. Nipprova nkellima. 19/11/2019 (09.55.47)

KS: Giannella + Tonna Lowell 19/11/2019 (10.10.32)

YF: Jekk le, ghal franco Debono ikolli naqa’ grrrrrrr 19/11/2019 (10.10.34)

YF: Ha nipprova 19/11/2019 (10.10.52)

KS: Kif haditek? Call?  19/11/2019 (12.40.11)

YF: Ghadni le habib. 19/11/2019 (12.40.28)

YF: Sematni A to Z 19/11/2019 (16.56)

YF: Jekk ikolli draft terms ta’ proklama induruha dawra forsi nehilsu hekk habib 19/11/2019 (16.59.13)

YF: Isma din. 2 tat-Times fil-marina. Ghajnejhom fuq id-dghajsa. Imma ghandi bzonn nohrog 19/11/2019 (19.58)


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